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Here are some popular ideas for NBA 2K24:

1. Cross-Platform / Cross Play Functionality

Be able to play gamers from other consoles, i.e. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

2. Player Voice

  • Be able to customize My Player voice
  • Customize the Pitch, Tone, Accent (NYC, southern, surfer, international, etc)
  • Voice can be used for: On-the-court talk, Press Conferences, etc.

3. FIBA, Olympics & World Championships Game Mode

  • More than just having the rosters, make a new game mode where you can progress through FIBA and Olympic tournaments from past/present/future, build your Olympic roster, etc.
  • Complete Olympic & FIBA Rosters
  • Could be integrated into MyNBA, MyCAREER, and be a stand-alone mode

4. Highlight Show like 'Sportscenter'

  • There's 2KTV, but should also have an in-game highlight show that recaps all the highlights and action from around the league.
  • Could be integrated into MyCAREER and MyNBA

5. Add Missing Legends - Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley

  • Pay whatever monetary price to get Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley into NBA 2K24

6. Virtual Reality and/or First Person View

  • Add a separate game or mode that is in VR mode and add First Person View camera
  • Realistic physical movements to simulate playing basketball (i.e. jumpshots, dribble moves, etc.)

7. More Realism, Less Cheese, More Gameplay Testing

  • Have modes like Pro-Am and Rec be more "sim", while Park is more "arcade"
  • Nerf OP builds, speed boosting, glitchy moves that neutralize Adrenaline Boosts, and unrealistic badges.
  • Have Gameplay Devs and game testers get hands-on and test the game throughout the year, especially in multiplayer modes to look for exploits.

8. Better Matchmaking in Rec

  • Have matchmaking be fair and go by win% instead of by overall
  • Remove bots
  • Have a "No Squads" entrance
  • Give Pro-Am more incentives so that comp squads prefer Pro-Am

9. Better Season Rewards

  • More rewards that affect gameplay rather than cosmetics
  • Virtual Currency (VC) as a reward (e.g. 100k VC for reaching Level 40)

10. Less VC Grab & Easier Grind

  • VC Prices continue to go up and up to create and customize a MyPLAYER build
  • NBA 2K24 should have less grinding, more playing / competing. The grind has taken over as the primary goal instead of squads being able to start competing and building chemistry faster, instead of waiting too long for player builds to get up to par.
  • Users will still buy VC because more builds will get created in this scenario

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