NBA 2K24 All-in-One Complete Badges, Takeover, Badge Requirements, Badge Perks Guide, & Analysis

NBA 2K24 Ultimate Badges Guide

Here is the NBA 2K24 Badges & Takeover Guide, & Analysis, which lists all badges, descriptions, takeovers, badge perks, takeover perks, how to unlock badges, as well as a breakdown of tips, info, and more when you click on each individual badge.

24 new badges were added to NBA 2K24 on New Gen consoles, and with some removals, it brings it to a total of 77 skill badges across MyTEAM and MyCAREER. Learn more about the added scoring, ball-handling and passing, and defensive badges below.

Badges have been split into four tiers: S-, A-, B-, and C-Tier, with S-Tier badges being regarded as the best of the lot. A player’s height determines Tier assignments, and each badge has a unique set of attribute requirements for unlocking the use of the badge.

How to Equip Badges & Badge Progression

An all-new badge progression system that helps bring a more authentic feeling to a player’s MyPLAYER build. Players will no longer have to pick and choose which badges to equip to their MyPLAYER, and they’re no longer stuck within the badge points and attribute categories they were once limited to. Badges are earned by badge usage, meaning the more a player uses a badge in-game, the more they’ll progress toward to the next level in which they qualify.

How Badge Regression Works

Badges with lower usage and success will trend towards the lower levels. There is a floor, however, as your badge will never drop below Bronze. Like riding a bike, if a badge drops below a level you once had, regaining that level takes less time than it did the first time around. Certain badges are also protected from games in which they cannot fire, such as the Relay Passer Badge in a 2v2 game. You can also use some Badge Perks (see further below) to affect badge regression.

1. Badge Requirements
2. Badge Descriptions
3. Badge Perks
4. Performance Multipliers
5. Takeover Guide
6. Takeover Perks

NBA 2K24 Badge Requirements

  • An “Always Attribute” is an attribute to unlock a badge that is always required, either by itself or with other attributes.
  • An “Either / Or Attribute” is an attribute that is one of the options unlock a badge, either by itself or with other attributes.

* = 1 attribute only required
** = either/or attribute(s) but no ‘always attribute(s)’
*** = either/or attribute(s) + always attribute(s)
**** = always attribute(s) + either/or attribute(s)
***** = always attribute(s) + always attribute(s)

(Scroll to the right to view more Attributes)

NameLevelTypeCloseLayupDrv DunkStn DunkPost CtrlMid3PTFTPassBall HndlSpd w/BallInt DPer DStlBlkO RebD RebSpdAccAccStrVertStamMin Ht.Max Ht.
94 FeetBronzeDef / Reb76 *****87 *****6 ft 08
94 FeetSilverDef / Reb81 *****90 *****6 ft 08
94 FeetGold Def / Reb88 *****95 *****6 ft 08
94 FeetHOFDef / Reb93 *****99 *****6 ft 08
AcrobatBronzeFinishing64 *6 ft 11
AcrobatSilverFinishing76 *6 ft 11
AcrobatGold Finishing84 *6 ft 11
AcrobatHOFFinishing90 *6 ft 11
AnchorBronzeDef / Reb61 *****77 *****6 ft 07
AnchorSilverDef / Reb72 *****87 *****6 ft 07
AnchorGold Def / Reb77 *****92 *****6 ft 07
AnchorHOFDef / Reb85 *****99 *****6 ft 07
Agent 3BronzeShooting76 *6 ft 11
Agent 3SilverShooting86 *6 ft 11
Agent 3Gold Shooting94 *6 ft 11
Agent 3HOFShooting98 *6 ft 11
Ankle BreakerBronzePlaymaking62 *6 ft 09
Ankle BreakerSilverPlaymaking75 *6 ft 09
Ankle BreakerGold Playmaking85 *6 ft 09
Ankle BreakerHOFPlaymaking93 *6 ft 09
Aerial WizardBronzeFinishing57 ***64 ***60 ***58 ****
Aerial WizardSilverFinishing69 ***75 ***72 ***67 ****
Aerial WizardGold Finishing78 ***84 ***84 ***72 ****
Aerial WizardHOFFinishing87 ***95 ***92 ***84 ****
Ankle BracesBronzeDef / Reb64 *6 ft 11
Ankle BracesSilverDef / Reb78 *6 ft 11
Ankle BracesGold Def / Reb89 *6 ft 11
Ankle BracesHOFDef / Reb94 *6 ft 11
Backdown PunisherBronzeFinishing63 *****70 *****6 ft 04
Backdown PunisherSilverFinishing70 *****79 *****6 ft 04
Backdown PunisherGold Finishing81 *****86 *****6 ft 04
Backdown PunisherHOFFinishing90 *****95 *****6 ft 04
BailoutBronzePlaymaking87 *6 ft 10
BailoutSilverPlaymaking91 *6 ft 10
BailoutGold Playmaking95 *6 ft 10
BailoutHOFPlaymaking99 *6 ft 10
Big DriverBronzePlaymaking55 *****40 *****40 *****6 ft 10
Big DriverSilverPlaymaking62 *****48 *****48 *****6 ft 10
Big DriverGold Playmaking65 *****55 *****55 *****6 ft 10
Big DriverHOFPlaymaking69 *****65 *****60 *****6 ft 10
BlindersBronzeShooting70 **70 **
BlindersSilverShooting83 **79 **
BlindersGold Shooting89 **90 **
BlindersHOFShooting97 **97 **
Blow ByBronzePlaymaking67 *****62 *****61 *****6 ft 11
Blow BySilverPlaymaking84 *****75 *****73 *****6 ft 11
Blow ByGold Playmaking92 *****83 *****83 *****6 ft 11
Blow ByHOFPlaymaking97 *****89 *****90 *****6 ft 11
Boxout BeastBronzeDef / Reb59 ***60 ***70 ****6 ft 03
Boxout BeastSilverDef / Reb77 ***77 ***72 ****6 ft 03
Boxout BeastGold Def / Reb85 ***85 ***84 ****6 ft 03
Boxout BeastHOFDef / Reb93 ***93 ***90 ****6 ft 03
BreakstarterBronzePlaymaking68 *
BreakstarterSilverPlaymaking75 *
BreakstarterGold Playmaking86 *
BreakstarterHOFPlaymaking92 *
Brick WallBronzeDef / Reb72 *6 ft 06
Brick WallSilverDef / Reb83 *6 ft 06
Brick WallGold Def / Reb90 *6 ft 06
Brick WallHOFDef / Reb99 *6 ft 06
BulldozerBronzeFinishing74 *6 ft 05
BulldozerSilverFinishing84 *6 ft 05
BulldozerGold Finishing92 *6 ft 05
BulldozerHOFFinishing96 *6 ft 05
BunnyBronzeFinishing62 **68 **
BunnySilverFinishing72 **77 **
BunnyGold Finishing84 **86 **
BunnyHOFFinishing94 **93 **
Catch & ShootBronzeShooting60 **63 **
Catch & ShootSilverShooting70 **74 **
Catch & ShootGold Shooting82 **85 **
Catch & ShootHOFShooting93 **95 **
ChallengerBronzeDef / Reb71 *
ChallengerSilverDef / Reb82 *
ChallengerGold Def / Reb87 *
ChallengerHOFDef / Reb94 *
Chasedown ArtistBronzeDef / Reb68 *****50 *****60 *****6 ft 03
Chasedown ArtistSilverDef / Reb78 *****60 *****74 *****6 ft 03
Chasedown ArtistGold Def / Reb87 *****66 *****80 *****6 ft 03
Chasedown ArtistHOFDef / Reb94 *****71 *****83 *****6 ft 03
ClampsBronzeDef / Reb75 *****45 *****6 ft 09
ClampsSilverDef / Reb85 *****50 *****6 ft 09
ClampsGold Def / Reb93 *****55 *****6 ft 09
ClampsHOFDef / Reb99 *****60 *****6 ft 09
ClaymoreBronzeShooting60 *
ClaymoreSilverShooting70 *
ClaymoreGold Shooting82 *
ClaymoreHOFShooting92 *
Comeback KidBronzeShooting53 **56 **
Comeback KidSilverShooting64 **68 **
Comeback KidGold Shooting75 **79 **
Comeback KidHOFShooting86 **89 **
Corner SpecialistBronzeShooting65 *
Corner SpecialistSilverShooting76 *
Corner SpecialistGold Shooting85 *
Corner SpecialistHOFShooting94 *
DeadeyeBronzeShooting75 **75 **
DeadeyeSilverShooting84 **84 **
DeadeyeGold Shooting90 **92 **
DeadeyeHOFShooting98 **99 **
DimerBronzePlaymaking56 *
DimerSilverPlaymaking73 *
DimerGold Playmaking89 *
DimerHOFPlaymaking96 *
Dream ShakeBronzeFinishing57 ***63 ****59 ***
Dream ShakeSilverFinishing64 ***70 ****67 ***
Dream ShakeGold Finishing75 ***81 ****77 ***
Dream ShakeHOFFinishing88 ***90 ****84 ***
DropstepperBronzeFinishing64 *
DropstepperSilverFinishing75 *
DropstepperGold Finishing84 *
DropstepperHOFFinishing95 *
Fast FeetBronzeDef / Reb72 *****70 *****6 ft 09
Fast FeetSilverDef / Reb83 *****73 *****6 ft 09
Fast FeetGold Def / Reb92 *****77 *****6 ft 09
Fast FeetHOFDef / Reb97 *****82 *****6 ft 09
Fast TwitchBronzeFinishing71 **73 **
Fast TwitchSilverFinishing81 **83 **
Fast TwitchGold Finishing90 **92 **
Fast TwitchHOFFinishing98 **99 **
Fearless FinisherBronzeFinishing68 ***70 ***55 ****
Fearless FinisherSilverFinishing77 ***80 ***60 ****
Fearless FinisherGold Finishing86 ***87 ***65 ****
Fearless FinisherHOFFinishing95 ***96 ***67 ****
Float GameBronzeFinishing60 *
Float GameSilverFinishing68 *
Float GameGold Finishing77 *
Float GameHOFFinishing88 *
Free PointsBronzeShooting71 *
Free PointsSilverShooting80 *
Free PointsGold Shooting90 *
Free PointsHOFShooting99 *
Giant SlayerBronzeFinishing55 **59 **7 ft 00
Giant SlayerSilverFinishing62 **65 **7 ft 00
Giant SlayerGold Finishing75 **74 **7 ft 00
Giant SlayerHOFFinishing88 **85 **7 ft 00
GloveBronzeDef / Reb72 *7 ft 00
GloveSilverDef / Reb85 *7 ft 00
GloveGold Def / Reb91 *7 ft 00
GloveHOFDef / Reb99 *7 ft 00
Green MachineBronzeShooting61 **64 **
Green MachineSilverShooting76 **78 **
Green MachineGold Shooting88 **89 **
Green MachineHOFShooting95 **95 **
Guard UpBronzeShooting59 **60 **
Guard UpSilverShooting71 **74 **
Guard UpGold Shooting82 **87 **
Guard UpHOFShooting91 **94 **
Handles For DaysBronzePlaymaking69 *****90 *****7 ft 00
Handles For DaysSilverPlaymaking80 *****93 *****7 ft 00
Handles For DaysGold Playmaking91 *****96 *****7 ft 00
Handles For DaysHOFPlaymaking95 *****99 *****7 ft 00
Hook SpecialistBronzeFinishing60 *****50 *****
Hook SpecialistSilverFinishing71 *****62 *****
Hook SpecialistGold Finishing83 *****74 *****
Hook SpecialistHOFFinishing92 *****86 *****
HyperdriveBronzePlaymaking69 *****72 *****6 ft 10
HyperdriveSilverPlaymaking75 *****80 *****6 ft 10
HyperdriveGold Playmaking83 *****82 *****6 ft 10
HyperdriveHOFPlaymaking91 *****90 *****6 ft 10
Immovable EnforcerBronzeDef / Reb71 *6 ft 05
Immovable EnforcerSilverDef / Reb82 *6 ft 05
Immovable EnforcerGold Def / Reb90 *6 ft 05
Immovable EnforcerHOFDef / Reb95 *6 ft 05
InterceptorBronzeDef / Reb60 *
InterceptorSilverDef / Reb81 *
InterceptorGold Def / Reb89 *
InterceptorHOFDef / Reb95 *
Killer CombosBronzePlaymaking75 *6 ft 10
Killer CombosSilverPlaymaking87 *6 ft 10
Killer CombosGold Playmaking93 *6 ft 10
Killer CombosHOFPlaymaking98 *6 ft 10
Limitless RangeBronzeShooting85 *
Limitless RangeSilverShooting92 *
Limitless RangeGold Shooting96 *
Limitless RangeHOFShooting99 *
MasherBronzeFinishing68 *
MasherSilverFinishing77 *
MasherGold Finishing84 *
MasherHOFFinishing94 *
Middy MagicianBronzeShooting59 *
Middy MagicianSilverShooting72 *
Middy MagicianGold Shooting84 *
Middy MagicianHOFShooting92 *
Needle ThreaderBronzePlaymaking77 *
Needle ThreaderSilverPlaymaking84 *
Needle ThreaderGold Playmaking91 *
Needle ThreaderHOFPlaymaking98 *
Off-Ball PestBronzeDef / Reb58 *
Off-Ball PestSilverDef / Reb68 *
Off-Ball PestGold Def / Reb80 *
Off-Ball PestHOFDef / Reb90 *
Open LooksBronzeShooting54 **58 **
Open LooksSilverShooting72 **75 **
Open LooksGold Shooting86 **88 **
Open LooksHOFShooting90 **93 **
Physical HandlesBronzePlaymaking60 *****60 *****6 ft 10
Physical HandlesSilverPlaymaking66 *****63 *****6 ft 10
Physical HandlesGold Playmaking73 *****73 *****6 ft 10
Physical HandlesHOFPlaymaking80 *****83 *****6 ft 10
Pick DodgerBronzeDef / Reb74 *6 ft 10
Pick DodgerSilverDef / Reb84 *6 ft 10
Pick DodgerGold Def / Reb91 *6 ft 10
Pick DodgerHOFDef / Reb98 *6 ft 10
Pogo StickBronzeDef / Reb79 ***78 ***78 ***60 ****6 ft 04
Pogo StickSilverDef / Reb85 ***81 ***81 ***68 ****6 ft 04
Pogo StickGold Def / Reb93 ***91 ***91 ***75 ****6 ft 04
Pogo StickHOFDef / Reb97 ***97 ***97 ***83 ****6 ft 04
Post LockdownBronzeDef / Reb74 *****70 *****6 ft 06
Post LockdownSilverDef / Reb82 *****78 *****6 ft 06
Post LockdownGold Def / Reb88 *****84 *****6 ft 06
Post LockdownHOFDef / Reb96 *****89 *****6 ft 06
Post PlaymakerBronzePlaymaking55 ***57 ****58 ***6 ft 06
Post PlaymakerSilverPlaymaking67 ***74 ****69 ***6 ft 06
Post PlaymakerGold Playmaking79 ***83 ****78 ***6 ft 06
Post PlaymakerHOFPlaymaking88 ***90 ****88 ***6 ft 06
Post Spin TechnicianBronzeFinishing60 *
Post Spin TechnicianSilverFinishing72 *
Post Spin TechnicianGold Finishing81 *
Post Spin TechnicianHOFFinishing90 *
PosterizerBronzeFinishing73 *****70 *****
PosterizerSilverFinishing86 *****75 *****
PosterizerGold Finishing93 *****80 *****
PosterizerHOFFinishing99 *****85 *****
Precision DunkerBronzeFinishing71 **71 **
Precision DunkerSilverFinishing83 **81 **
Precision DunkerGold Finishing90 **90 **
Precision DunkerHOFFinishing97 **96 **
Post Fade PhenomBronzeFinishing65 ***59 ****61 ***
Post Fade PhenomSilverFinishing77 ***65 ****71 ***
Post Fade PhenomGold Finishing86 ***75 ****79 ***
Post Fade PhenomHOFFinishing93 ***85 ****86 ***
Pro TouchBronzeFinishing51 **51 **
Pro TouchSilverFinishing60 **68 **
Pro TouchGold Finishing70 **77 **
Pro TouchHOFFinishing80 **88 **
Rebound ChaserBronzeDef / Reb60 **60 **
Rebound ChaserSilverDef / Reb83 **83 **
Rebound ChaserGold Def / Reb92 **92 **
Rebound ChaserHOFDef / Reb99 **99 **
Relay PasserBronzePlaymaking60 *
Relay PasserSilverPlaymaking76 *
Relay PasserGold Playmaking89 *
Relay PasserHOFPlaymaking95 *
Right Stick RipperBronzeDef / Reb70 *7 ft 00
Right Stick RipperSilverDef / Reb84 *7 ft 00
Right Stick RipperGold Def / Reb90 *7 ft 00
Right Stick RipperHOFDef / Reb96 *7 ft 00
Rise UpBronzeFinishing72 *****60 *****6 ft 04
Rise UpSilverFinishing81 *****63 *****6 ft 04
Rise UpGold Finishing90 *****67 *****6 ft 04
Rise UpHOFFinishing98 *****70 *****6 ft 04
ScooperBronzeFinishing61 *
ScooperSilverFinishing68 *
ScooperGold Finishing77 *
ScooperHOFFinishing88 *
SlitheryBronzeFinishing68 **70 **
SlitherySilverFinishing80 **82 **
SlitheryGold Finishing91 **93 **
SlitheryHOFFinishing97 **94 **
Slippery Off-BallBronzeShooting6 ft 09
Slippery Off-BallSilverShooting6 ft 09
Slippery Off-BallGold Shooting6 ft 09
Slippery Off-BallHOFShooting6 ft 09
Space CreatorBronzeShooting64 **65 **6 ft 11
Space CreatorSilverShooting76 **78 **6 ft 11
Space CreatorGold Shooting88 **87 **6 ft 11
Space CreatorHOFShooting96 **94 **6 ft 11
Special DeliveryBronzePlaymaking69 *
Special DeliverySilverPlaymaking75 *
Special DeliveryGold Playmaking83 *
Special DeliveryHOFPlaymaking91 *
Speed BoosterBronzePlaymaking76 *****72 *****75 ***79 ***6 ft 09
Speed BoosterSilverPlaymaking81 *****75 *****81 ***83 ***6 ft 09
Speed BoosterGold Playmaking92 *****83 *****86 ***87 ***6 ft 09
Speed BoosterHOFPlaymaking95 *****91 *****92 ***93 ***6 ft 09
Spin CycleBronzeFinishing55 **56 **
Spin CycleSilverFinishing64 **69 **
Spin CycleGold Finishing70 **75 **
Spin CycleHOFFinishing82 **85 **
Spot FinderBronzeShooting55 ***55 ***60 ***45 ****
Spot FinderSilverShooting70 ***69 ***75 ***68 ****
Spot FinderGold Shooting80 ***79 ***86 ***80 ****
Spot FinderHOFShooting91 ***90 ***93 ***93 ****
Touch PasserBronzePlaymaking74 *
Touch PasserSilverPlaymaking82 *
Touch PasserGold Playmaking90 *
Touch PasserHOFPlaymaking95 *
Triple StrikeBronzePlaymaking57 *****41 *****42 *****6 ft 11
Triple StrikeSilverPlaymaking68 *****66 *****65 *****6 ft 11
Triple StrikeGold Playmaking80 *****77 *****75 *****6 ft 11
Triple StrikeHOFPlaymaking90 *****89 *****85 *****6 ft 11
Two StepBronzeFinishing60 **63 **
Two StepSilverFinishing68 **70 **
Two StepGold Finishing74 **78 **
Two StepHOFFinishing83 **86 **
UnpluckableBronzePlaymaking57 **70 **
UnpluckableSilverPlaymaking68 **80 **
UnpluckableGold Playmaking80 **92 **
UnpluckableHOFPlaymaking98 *
WhistleBronzeFinishing73 **74 **75 **73 **77 **
WhistleSilverFinishing84 **85 **86 **85 **86 **
WhistleGold Finishing92 **95 **95 **93 **94 **
WhistleHOFFinishing99 **99 **99 **99 **99 **
Work HorseBronzeDef / Reb65 ***72 ***89 ****
Work HorseSilverDef / Reb72 ***79 ***92 ****
Work HorseGold Def / Reb82 ***86 ***95 ****
Work HorseHOFDef / Reb93 ***94 ***99 ****

NBA 2K24 Badge Descriptions

Shooting Badges

Agent 3Improves the ability to make pull-up or spin shots from three point range
BlindersJump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty
Catch and ShootFor a short time after receiving a pass, the receiver's outside shooting attributes get a significant boost
ClaymoreIncreases the ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up patiently
Comeback KidBoosts shooter's mid-range and three-point abilities when trailing in a game
Corner SpecialistDeep range shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost, whether it is off the dribble or off a catch
DeadeyeJump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest
Free PointsIn clutch moments, knocking down free throws with the game on the line is improved with Free Points.
Green MachineGives an additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots
Guard UpIncreases the ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest
Limitless RangeExtends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep
Middy MagicianBoosts the effectiveness of pullups, spin shots, and fadeaways from the mid-range area
Open LooksAs a way to encourage sudden opportunities, Open Looks will enhance a player’s ability to make wide-open jumpers.
Post-Fade PhenomSimilar to Hook Specialist, Post-Fade Phenom will allow a player to make post-fades and hop shots out of the post at a higher clip.
Slippery Off-BallWhen attempting to get open off screens, the player more effectively navigates through traffic
Space CreatorIncreases a player's to both hit shots after creating space from the defender, as well as cross up an opponent on step-back moves
Spot Finder By utilizing the “Get Open” mechanic (R2 or Right Trigger Tap), Spot Finder allows players to receive a speed boost off-the-ball to get to an open space, with a raised chance of knocking down the shot off the ensuing catch.

Playmaking Badges

Ankle BreakerWhen performing stepbacks and other certain moves, the defender stumbles or falls more frequently when biting the wrong way
Bail OutPassing out of a jump shot or layup yields fewer errant passes than normal. Additionally, helps passing out of double teams
Blow-ByQuicker ball-handlers receive boosts in body-up interactions with defenders when Blow-By is equipped.
Break StarterAfter grabbing a defensive board, deep outlet passes made up the court are more accurate. Passes must be made quickly following the defensive rebound
DimerWhen in the half-court, passes by Dimers to open shooters yield a shot percentage boost
Handles For DaysA player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos quicker and for longer periods of time
HyperdriveIncreases the speed at which a player can perform moving dribble moves as the attack down the court
Killer CombosImproves a player's ability to chain together efficient dribble moves when sizing up their opponent
Mismatch ExpertImproves the players ability to beat taller defenders off the dribble in one-on-one situations when they're switched onto them
Needle ThreaderWhen passing through a tight window between defenders, a boost is given to the player’s passing ability
Physical HandlesDuring physical body-up interactions, players with Physical Handles have a higher chance of winning the outcome following a dribble move.
Post PlaymakerWhen passing our of the post or after an offensive rebound, receivers are given a shot boost
Relay PasserA hockey assist badge, Relay Passer provides a boost to shooters in a pass-to-assist situation.
Special DeliveryIncreases alley-oop throw success and shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass. Additionally, it enables the ability to throw alley-oops off the backboard
Speed BoosterA perimeter-only quick first step badge, Speed Booster will allow for quicker launches when coming from a stand-still dribble situation.
Touch PasserPlayers who quickly move the ball upon receiving it will get faster pass animations with Touch Passer.
Triple StrikePlayers excel with triple threat launches and jukes at a higher rate with Triple Strike.
UnpluckableDefenders have a tougher time poking the ball free with their steal attempts

Finishing Badges

Acrobat Hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts receive a boost. Additionally, the ability to beat defenders with gathers is improved
Aerial WizardIncreases the ability to finish an alley-oop from a teammate, or putback a finish off an offensive rebound
Backdown PunisherAllow players to have more success than normal when backing down a defender in the paint while posting up
Big DriverIncreases the chances of a blow-by when attacking off the dribble in either the mid-range or painted area.
BulldozerA mix of a scoring and a ball-handling badge, think of this as Bully version 2.0 with elements of the old Clamp Breaker. Bulldozer improves the player’s ability to push through physical body-ups and finish with physicality around the rim.
BunnyHop step layups and dunks receive an increased shot chance with Bunny.
Dream ShakePost move fakes have a higher chance of stunning a defender. Also, shot attempts following post fakes, shimmies, and shot fakes have an increased shot percentage
DropstepperAllows for more success when attempting post dropsteps and hop steps, in addition to protecting the ball better, while performing these moves in the post
Fast TwitchSpeeds up the ability to get standing layups or dunks off before the defense has time to contest
Fearless FinisherStrengthens a player's ability to absorb contact and still finish. Also reduces the amount of energy lost from contact layups
Float GameA player’s ability to make floaters and runners while attacking the basket is improved with Float Game.
Giant SlayerBoosts the shot percentage for a layup attempt when mismatched against a taller defender and reduces the possibility of getting blocked
Hook SpecialistNo love lost for post-play aficionados. Brought back from the dead, Hook Specialist increases a player’s ability to make hook shots out of the post.
Masher Improves a player's ability to finish well around the rim, especially over smaller defenders
Post Spin TechnicianAttempting to do post spins or drives results in more effective moves, and less of a chance to be stripped
PosterizerIncreases the chances of throwing down a dunk on your defender
Precision DunkerThose who utilize the skill dunk mechanic will receive an improved chance of flushing their dunk attempt with Precision Dunker.
Pro TouchGives an extra shot boost for having slight early, slightly late, or excellent shot timing on layups. Layup timing must be turned on
Rise UpIncreases the likelihood of dunking or posterizing your opponent when standing in the painted area
ScooperQuick scoop layup shot chances are improved with the new Scooper badge.
SlitheryIncreases a player's ability to slide through traffic, protect the ball from being stolen, and avoid contact during gathers and finishes at the rim
Spin Cycle Drives finished with a spin layup or dunk will receive an increased shot chance ability thanks to Spin Cycle.
Two Step Cradle and Euro step layups and dunks receive a shot boost with Two Step.
Whistle Creating contact and getting to the free throw line when attacking the rim or shooting a jump shot is improved with the new Whistle badge.

Defense / Rebounding Badges

94 FeetPlayers with 94 Feet receive fewer body-up stamina hits and improved body-up wins when pressing full court
Anchor Increases a player's ability to block shots and protect the rim at a high level
Ankle BracesLowers the likelihood of getting ankle-broken by opposing dribble moves
Boxout Beast Helps rebounders win boxout battles on both offense and defensive rebounding situations
Brick WallIncreases the effectiveness of screens, is tough to backdown in the post, and drains energy from opponents on physical contact
Challenger Improves the effectiveness of well-timed contests against perimeter shooters
Chase Down ArtistBoosts the speed and leaping ability of a player when he is chasing down an offensive player in anticipation of a block attempt
ClampsDefenders have access to quicker cut off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler
Fast FeetIt wouldn’t be a fair game if only offensive players received speed boosts. Fast Feet can be looked at as a “quick first step” badge for defenders, allowing defensive specialists to stay in front of shifty ball-handlers.
GloveIncreases the ability to successfully steal from ball-handlers
InterceptorThe frequency of successfully tipped or intercepted passes greatly increases
Immovable EnforcerA direct counter to Bulldozer, Immovable Enforcer allows defenders to win physical matchups when it comes to body-ups and contact layups.
Off-Ball PestMakes players more difficult to get past when playing off-ball, as the can grab and hold their matchup and don’t get their ankles broken as often
Pick DodgerImproves a player’s ability to navigate through and around screens while on defense. At the Hall of Fame level, can blow through screens in the park or blacktop
Pogo StickAllows players to quickly go back up for another jump upon landing. This could be after a rebound, block attempt, or even jumpshot
Post LockdownStrengthens a player's ability to effectively defend moves in the post, with an increased chance at stripping the opponent
Rebound ChaserImproves a player's ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than normal
Right Stick RipperThose who utilize the right-stick steal mechanic will receive a boost on steal attempts with Right Stick Ripper.
Work HorseIncreases a player's speed and ability to get loose balls over the opponent

Badge Perks

Badge Perks are prizes that provide various benefits to the progression of individual badges. The Badge Perks page consists of “slots” that the user can fill in when unlocked. There are four slots per perk, with each slot representing a different badge tier. A badge can only have one badge perk applied at a time.

Here is the list of Badge Perks:

  • Overdrive – Increases badge level progression in games
  • Immunity – Slows down badge level regression in games
  • Drill Savant – Increases badge level progression in Team Practice Facility
  • Scholar – A risk/reward perk that gives a significant increase in badge level progression for PvP games finished with a high Teammate Grade. However, it comes with risk: you will receive no progression for the badge if you do not finish with a high Teammate Grade. This is a rotational season prize.
  • Winner’s Circle – A risk/reward perk that gives an added boost in badge level progression for PvP games that result in a win for the user. However, you will receive zero progression for the badge if you lose the game. This is a rotational season prize.
  • High-Risk – A risk/reward perk increases your badge level progression for PvP games with badge usage but accelerated regression with lack of usage. This is a rotational season prize.

How to Unlock All Badge Perks in NBA 2K24

Here’s how to unlock all Badge Perks in NBA 2K24.


  • C-Tier Badge: Talk to Josh Giddey at The Point after reaching Silver level with multiple badges.
  • B-Tier Badge: Complete 5 NBA, 10 Pro-Am/REC, or 20 City games with Overdrive equipped to a C-Tier badge. Then, talk to Josh Giddey.
  • A-Tier Badge: Complete 7 NBA, 12 Pro-Am/REC, or 30 City games with Overdrive equipped to a B-Tier badge. Then, talk to Josh Giddey.
  • S-Tier Badge: Complete 12 NBA, 20 Pro-Am/REC, or 40 City games with Overdrive equipped to an A-Tier badge. Then, talk to Josh Giddey.


  • C-Tier Badge: Reach Gold level with a badge for the first time. Then, talk to Cade Cunningham.
  • B-Tier Badge: Complete 5 NBA,10 Pro-Am/REC, or 20 City games with Immunity equipped to a C-Tier badge. Then, talk to Cade Cunningham.
  • A-Tier Badge: Complete 7 NBA,12 Pro-Am/REC, or 30 City games with Immunity equipped to a B-Tier badge. Then, talk to Cade Cunningham.
  • S-Tier Badge: Complete 12 NBA, 20 Pro-Am/REC, or 40 City games with Immunity equipped to a A-Tier badge. Then, talk to Cade Cunningham.

Drill Savant

  • C-Tier Badge: Have two badges active at the Gold level or higher. Then, talk to Red Thompson.
  • B-Tier Badge: Complete 5 NBA,10 Pro-Am/REC, or 20 City games with Drill Savant equipped to a C-Tier badge. Then, talk to Red Thompson.
  • A-Tier Badge: Complete 7 NBA,12 Pro-Am/REC, or 30 City games with Drill Savant equipped to a B-Tier badge. Then, talk to Red Thompson.
  • S-Tier Badge: Complete 12 NBA, 20 Pro-Am/REC, or 40 City games with Drill Savant equipped to a A-Tier badge. Then, talk to Red Thompson.


  • C-Tier Badge: Reach Season Level 9.
  • B-Tier Badge: Reach Season Level 18.
  • A-Tier Badge: Reach Season Level 29.
  • S-Tier Badge: Reach Season Level 38.

Performance Multipliers

Performance Multipliers are prizes that, unlike Badge Perks, provide benefits to all of your equipped badges at once, so long as challenges from the multipliers are met in their respective modes. Each of the three Performance Multipliers has four versions—: NBA, City, The REC, and Pro-Am—for a total of 12 multipliers.

  • Grade A Student – In games finished with a high Teammate Grade, badge level progression is accelerated for all equipped badges.
  • Winner Takes All – In games finished with a win, badge level progression is accelerated for all equipped badges.
  • Up for the Challenge – In games played against tough opponents, badge level progression is accelerated for all equipped badges.

NBA 2K24 Takeover Guide

Takeovers are special abilities that are activated for your MyPLAYER in real-time during games. Basically, like a player getting hot in real basketball. Takeovers were revamped for NBA 2K24 to activate from within the game instead of last year’s method of assigning it to your MyPLAYER during the create a build process.

List of Takeovers

  • Finishing: Checkered flag icon (A/X)
  • Shooting: Sniper icon (X/Square)
  • Playmaking: Basketball with trail icon (Y/Triangle)
  • Defensive/Rebounding: Shield icon (LB/L1)
  • Physicals: Hand holding a weight icon (RB/R1)

Takeover Perks List & How to Earn Them

Takeover PerkDescriptionHow to Unlock
DeceleratorSlows down how quickly your opponents achieve Takeover if you are guarding them closely.Play in both a weekday and weekend Brickley Scrimmage to earn this perk!
MinimizerOpponent’s activated Takeovers don’t last as long when closely guarded.Perfect any of the 'Art of Shooting' drills to earn this perk!
SuppressorOpponents with an active Takeover receive smaller attribute boosts when you are guarding them.Unlock 3 Takeover Perks and complete Cade Cunningham's Challenge to earn this perk!
SaboteurWhen a guarded opponent commits a turnover or bad shot, their Takeover meter gets a larger penalty.Complete SGA's Streetball Challenge to earn this perk!
Second ChanceWhen Takeover is full but not yet activated, making a mistake won’t completely reset the meter.Complete Chris Brickley's Scrimmage Challenge to earn this perk!
SpongeWhen a teammate performs an action to increase their Takeover meter, you get a small boost to your own.Recruit 3 Streetball Bosses or complete Red Thompson's Challenge to earn this perk!
ExtenderExtends the length of time that Takeover stays active.Unlock 5 Takeover Perks and complete Tyrese Haliburton's Challenge to earn this perk!
JuiceGives an extra boost to your attributes when Takeover is activated.Complete Donovan Mitchell's Streetball Challenge to earn this perk!
Stay WarmTakeover meters won’t drain as quickly when performing poorly.Unlock 4 Takeover Perks and complete Josh GIddey's Challenge to earn this perk!
AcceleratorTakeover meters fill faster when performing well on the court, allowing you to get Takeover quicker.Unlock all other Takeover Perks to earn this perk!

Note: 3v3 Brickley scrimmages are available during the week (Mon-Thu) while 5v5 Brickley scrimmages run on the weekends (Fri-Sun). Also, the Art of Shooting “session” is available once per week.

How to Unlock Mamba Mentality

Here’s how to unlock the Mamba Mentality in NBA 2k24:

  • Complete all 3 of the Brickley and ‘Art of Shooting’ Takeover Challenges


  • When unlocked, Mamba Mentality will relace your Double Takeover
  • When activated, Mamba Mentality will boost ALL categories

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