Will NBA 2K24 Have a Demo?

Many 2K ballers have been wondering if 2K will bring back a demo, also known as “The Prelude,” for NBA 2K24 for gamers to download. Read on as we tackle this question and more!

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Will NBA 2K24 Have a Demo?

At this time, 2K hasn’t officially denied or confirmed if NBA 2K24 will have a demo. The last demo NBA 2K had was in NBA 2K21, which let you play a quick match and test out the MyPLAYER Builder. Here are a few reasons why it could happen for 2K24:

  • The last time NBA 2K had a demo (NBA 2K21), the late Kobe Bryant was one of the cover athletes. NBA 2K24’s Cover Athlete is Kobe Bryant again.
  • Like in NBA 2K21, 2K may release a demo on “8/24” (August 24) as a tribute to Kobe. Bryant wore the jersey numbers “8” and “24” throughout his career.
  • PlayStation Plus game trials are required for games priced $34 or higher

The Case for a Demo: Why NBA 2K24 Needs It

Having an NBA 2K24 demo would accomplish several things that the game, the devs, and the NBA 2K Community could benefit from:

  • 2K developers can receive early feedback from fans so that they can implement a better Day 1 Patch
  • Lets gamers test out the gameplay
  • Lets gamers test out the MyPLAYER Builder
  • Lets gamers get an early jump on their MyCAREER

NBA 2K24 launches worldwide on September 8, 2023, pre-orders are now live. NBA 2K24 will beĀ available on Xbox Series X/s, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC / Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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