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Welcome to the Ultimate NBA 2K22 News Tracker! NBA 2KW is tracking any and all NBA 2K22 news and info leading up to the game’s release date, with constant updates throughout. Updates include: all NBA 2K22 news and rumors, new features, when NBA 2K22 will come out / official release date, who the cover athlete(s) are, pre-order details, next-gen (Xbox Series X/S, PS5) details, trailers, MyCAREER, MyTEAM, City / Neighborhood and all game modes, gameplay, videos, screenshots, price, wishlist, soundtrack, and more!


“NBA 2K22 Release Date / What day is NBA 2K22 coming out?”

The NBA 2K22 release date is set for Friday, September 10, 2021 for NBA 2K22 according to sources.

“Will there be an NBA 2K22 / Will NBA 2K22 be on PS4, Xbox One?”

NBA 2K22 will be available on current generation consoles: PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X|S and previous generation consoles: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Steam for PC.

“Is NBA 2K22 Cross Platform?”

NBA 2K22 will not be cross-platform

“Will MyCAREER builds and progress carry over from NBA 2K21 to NBA 2K22?”

If 2K Sports keeps with the past, MyCAREER progress will not carry over from NBA 2K21 to NBA 2K22. Although we expect earned VC between current-gen and next-gen version of the same console to be transferrable like it is in NBA 2K21.

“When is the NBA 2K22 Demo?”

The NBA 2K demo typically arrives one to two weeks before the official launch of the game. So look for the NBA 2K22 demo in late August, although some sources have said there may not be a demo this year. No official confirmation from 2K as of yet.

“What is the download / install size for NBA 2K22?”

The NBA 2K22 download / install size for PS5 is 93 GB, according to a new leak.

“When can I pre-load NBA 2K22?”

The pre-load date for NBA 2K22 is set for September 8, two days before the release date, according to a new leak.

“Who are the NBA 2K22 Cover Athletes?”

The NBA 2K22 cover athletes are Luka Doncic (Standard Edition) Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (75th NBA Anniversary Edition) and Candace Parker (25th WNBA Anniversary Edition).

“Who is the highest rated player in NBA 2K22?”

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96
  • Stephen Curry – 96
  • Kevin Durant – 96
  • LeBron James – 96

“What are the NBA 2K22 Pre-Order Bonuses / When can I preorder NBA 2K22?”


  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • A Boost for each MyCAREER Skill type
  • A Boost for each Gatorade Boost type
  • Luka Doncic MyPLAYER Jersey
  • 95 Rated Luka Doncic MyTEAM Free Agent Card


  • 100K VC
  • 10K MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Tokens
  • Sapphire Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant MyTEAM Cards
  • 22 MyTEAM Promo Packs (Receive 10 at launch, then 3 per week for 4 weeks)
  • Diamond Jordan Shoe MyTEAM card
  • Coach Card MyTEAM Pack
  • 10 Boosts for each MyCAREER Skill Boost type
  • 10 Boosts for each Gatorade Boost type
  • 4 Cover Athlete T-Shirts for your MyPLAYER
  • MyPLAYER backpack and arm sleeve
  • Custom-design skateboard for MyPLAYER


This edition includes NBA 2K22 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S or Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

  • 10,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Tokens
  • Sapphire Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant MyTEAM Cards
  • 22 MyTEAM Promo Packs (Receive 10 at launch, then 3 per week for 4 weeks)
  • Diamond Jordan Shoe MyTEAM card
  • Coach Card MyTEAM Pack
  • 10 Boosts for each MyCAREER Skill Boost type
  • 10 Boosts for each Gatorade Boost type
  • 4 Cover Athlete T-Shirts for your MyPLAYER
  • MyPLAYER backpack and arm sleeve
  • Custom-design skateboard for MyPLAYER


  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • A Boost for each MyCAREER Skill type
  • A Boost for each Gatorade Boost type
  • Luka Doncic MyPLAYER Jersey95 Rated Luka Doncic MyTEAM Free Agent Card


NBA 2K22 Pre-Orders are live starting July 14, 2021. The pre-order bonus offer is available through September 9, 2021, terms apply.


Here is a list of stores where you can pre-order NBA 2K22.

“How much does NBA 2K22 cost?”

NBA 2K22 Standard Edition

  • $59.99 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • $69.99 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S


  • $99.99 on all platforms


  • $79.99 on all platforms


  • $69.99 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S




  • With 2K’s acquisition of HookBang, NBA 2K22 will have additional developers working on the upcoming game.
    • Across fan-favorite experiences, Seasons allow players to extend and enhance their hoop ambitions long after the game’s launch. Free for all 2K22 gamers in MyTEAM, MyCAREER, and The W [PlayStation®5/Xbox Series X|S] modes, it brings more content, more rewards, and more ways to play. And this year, Seasons will introduce an all-new way to level up your MyPLAYER and earn exciting MyPLAYER prizes in the City [PS5™/XBS] and in the Neighborhood [PlayStation®4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC]. More details will be revealed about the expanding Seasons experience later in August.


    • Breaking down defenders off the dribble with new signature moves and combos, precision jump shooting, dunking in traffic, and pulling off alley-oops have all become more skill-based. Basketball IQ and stick skills play an even bigger role in separating top offensive players.
    • A completely revamped shot contest and blocking system highlight an arsenal of new defensive tools at your disposal. Playing suffocating defense on the perimeter and in the paint has never felt more rewarding, giving elite defenders the ability to truly change the outcome of the game.
    • 2K wants defense to be engaging and fun
    • Switching the logic back to using the Perimeter Defense rating for outside jump shot contests like it was in 2K20.
  • On-court gameplay has been tweaked to give players more control both offensively and defensively.
  • “Everything was re-architectured and feels much better on the defensive end of the floor. 2K also rethought a lot of things on the offensive side of the ball — how to make things more engaging in there as well — so you can see  a new emphasis on stick skills and IQ, being in the right place.”
  • Made “more actions of the game skill-based and puts the controller in your hands even more; there’s less randomness there’s less dice roll. It really comes down to you as a player your style — your skill — competing against other people…so the game feels much more satisfying this year.”
  • Rumor: With 2K’s acquisition of HookBang, Virtual Reality (VR) may be an NBA 2K22 (or beyond) possibility because VR technology is one of the areas that HookBang specializes in.


  • NEW CITY [PS5/XBS] & NEW NEIGHBORHOOD [PS4/XB1/NSW/PC] The biggest online basketball community gets two very different makeovers in NBA 2K22. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S 2K22 players will step up and hoop in an all-new version of the City; PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC 2K22 players will compete while setting sail for the high seas. Take your best MyPLAYER builds and express yourself through both your game and your style in each unique online experience.
  • A LIVING, BREATHING CITY [PS5/XBS] – Step into an all-new City teeming with life, activity, and interactivity. NPCs (non-playable characters) populate the fresh City layout, while MyPLAYERs from all over the world compete in the highest level of playground basketball. An all-new Quest system for 2K22 engages MyPLAYERs with creative content while offering new ways to level up and earn rewards in this reenvisioning of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S basketball communities.
  • MATCHMAKING OPTIONS IN THE CITY [PS5/XBS] – The City opens up new and quicker alternatives to get into online hoops. MyPLAYERs can enter select matchmaking buildings to be placed into immediate competition. Matchmaking sessions will be available for a number of game types and will contribute to all MyPLAYER progress.
  • ALL ABOARD THE 2K CRUISE [PS4/XB1/NSW/PC] – On the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, NBA 2K gamers will show out and compete in an all-new, dedicated basketball community – a Neighborhood built on the spacious decks of a sailing cruise ship. Explore and hoop in nautical luxury, and when the cruise docks in exotic locales throughout the Season, make your way to the Excursion counter to participate in shoreside Events – all taking place completely off the ship!
  • “One of the key components of (The City), is that it’s living and breathing. If I had to say there was a fault in City it’s that it felt a little bit lifeless. As you kind of roamed around it, the only people you would see where other other MyPLAYERS, driving around their skateboards or the their BMX bikes. You didn’t you didn’t really get the sense of people kind of living their lives in the City, and it just felt a little off. This year, you step into an all new City that’s teeming with life; there’s activity, there’s interactivity. The NPCs, they populate the fresh city layout. They are throwing the football in the park, there’s kids riding their bikes and scooters, there’s people just walking around going shopping, walking down the sidewalks. It’s a little more lived in this year, and it feels a whole lot more believable.”
  • “It’s an all new dedicated basketball community; it’s a neighborhood built on the spacious decks of a cruise ship. It sounds silly, but we like to say you get to hoop in nautical luxury this year. It has all the features you’re used to and more — all the 3v3 courts, 2v2 courts, the trampoline ball — all of that is there.”


  • In NBA 2K22 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, MyCAREER and the all-new City become one in a groundbreaking narrative experience for NBA 2K. Embark on your personal journey to the pros – a sprawling MyCAREER life – by exploring the City, seeing new and familiar faces, and hooping your way to exciting new heights. Players on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC will play out the new 2K22 narrative in a dedicated, traditional MyCAREER experience.
  • HIDDEN TALENTS [PS5/XBS] – In NBA 2K22, dreams and ambitions in MyCAREER stretch beyond the hardwood floors; players can now pursue side ventures to build a profile in lucrative and trendy spaces. Brush up against the fashion world, where the art of promotion will drive your success as a mogul. Or get involved in the hip-hop business, where your music talent opens up an intriguing lane in the industry.
  • NO PLACE LIKE HOME [PS5/XBS] – Moving up in the professional world means expanding your home lifestyle. Central to your MyCAREER narrative and progress, your personal hub represents your place in the journey to the NBA. As your profile and ambitions level up, so, too, will your home base in the City.
  • MORE TO THE JOURNEY – MyCAREER in NBA 2K22 will feature fresh faces and engaging storylines, and this year, getting drafted into the NBA is only the start of your basketball narrative. More will be revealed about the new MyCAREER experience in early September.
  • “Making the MyCAREER and the City one; they’re intertwined so when you start your career this year on [current-]gen consoles, you’re going to be in your starter apartment in the City. You’re going to leave your apartment and you’re going to go out there and run to the practice facility, you’re going to talk to your agents, coaches, sponsors.”
  • “It’s a completely new way to play MyCAREER, while still allowing us to deliver our very powerful narratives that we’ve become much better at over the years.”


  • MyTEAM for NBA 2K22 evolves as the ultimate experience for building and competing with your own dream team on Day 1, but that’s not all. MyTEAM will continue to expand as each new Season drops.
  • MyTEAM: DRAFT – Making its long-requested return in NBA 2K22, MyTEAM: Draft has you selecting a complete lineup from a constantly-updated pool of players. Compete with your new lineup in online multiplayer games to earn rewards for your MyTEAM Collection.
  • EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION OF MyTEAM – Throughout the year in NBA 2K22, new challenges, rewards, and events make every Season fresh and unique in MyTEAM. On top of the many new features debuting in MyTEAM on Day 1, even more additions are coming throughout the year, including an original new game mode this holiday season.
  • CROSS-GEN PROGRESS & COLLECTION – While NBA 2K22 will offer two unique basketball experiences across the two console generations, MyTEAM progress and collections will be transferable between consoles that are within the same platform family [ie. PlayStation®4 to PlayStation®5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S – and vice versa]. VC wallet, MyTEAM Point, and MyTEAM Token balances will be transferable within the same console families as well.


  • In NBA 2K22, team management is about more than just the players on the court; it’s about the personnel that scout them, train them, and coach them. MyNBA/MyWNBA players can build the winningest franchise by making sure the staffing is just as strong as the hooping


  • (TBA)






  • Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96
  • LeBron James – 96
  • Stephen Curry – 96
  • Kevin Durant – 96
  • Joel Embiid – 95
  • Nikola Jokic – 95
  • Kawhi Leonard – 95
  • Luka Doncic – 94
  • James Harden – 94
  • Damian Lillard – 94
  • Jayson Tatum – 90
  • Bradley Beal – 89
  • Zion Williamson – 89
  • Trae Young – 89
  • Rudy Gobert – 88
  • Kris Middleton – 88
  • Zach LaVine – 87
  • Domantas Sabonis – 86
  • Jrue Holiday – 85
  • Jamal Murray – 85
  • LaMelo Ball – 84
  • Michael Porter Jr. – 84
  • Spencer Dinwiddie – 82
  • Cade Cunningham – 80
  • Jordan Clarkson – 79
  • Evan Fournier – 79
  • Jalen Green – 79
  • Serge Ibaka – 79
  • Bobby Portis – 79
  • Dennis Schroder – 79
  • Daniel Gafford – 78
  • Evan Mobley – 78
  • Immanuel Quickley – 78
  • Ricky Rubio – 78
  • Nicolas Batum – 77
  • Kevin Porter Jr. – 77
  • Jalen Suggs – 77
  • Scottie Barnes – 76
  • Nicolas Claxton – 76
  • Maxi Kleber – 76
  • Royce O’Neal – 76
  • Cameron Payne – 76
  • Daniel Theis – 76
  • Marc Gasol – 75
  • Juancho Hernangomez – 75
  • Willy Hernangomez – 75
  • Isaiah Hartenstein – 74
  • Theo Maledon – 74
  • Onyeka Okongwu – 74
  • Franz Wagner – 74
  • Moritz Wagner – 74
  • Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot – 72
  • Usman Garuba – 72
  • Sekou Doumbouya – 71
  • Quentin Grimes – 71
  • Killian Hayes – 71
  • Santi Aldama – 70
  • Isaac Bonga – 70

NBA 2K22 Top 5 Dunkers

  • Zion Williamson – 97 Dunk Rating
  • Zach LaVine – 95 Dunk Rating
  • Aaron Gordon – 95 Dunk Rating
  • Derrick Jones Jr. – 94 Dunk Rating
  • Ja Morant – 94 Dunk Rating

NBA 2K22 Top 5 3 PT Shooters

  • Stephen Curry – 99 3pt Rating
  • Klay Thompson – 95 3pt Rating
  • Joe Harris – 90 3pt Rating
  • Seth Curry – 90 3pt Rating
  • Duncan Robinson – 90 3pt Rating

NBA 2K22 WNBA Ratings List

  • Breanna Stewart – 95
  • A’ja Wilson – 94
  • Jonquel Jones – 94
  • Candace Parker – 93
  • Brittney Griner – 92

[Last Updated: 08/23/21]


(list is in no order)

1. Cross-Platform Functionality

  • Be able to play gamers from other consoles, i.e. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

2. Player Voice

  • Be able to customize My Player voice
  • Customize the Pitch, Tone, Accent (NYC, southern, surfer, international, etc)
  •  Voice can be used for: On-the-court talk, Press Conferences, etc.

3. FIBA, Olympics & World Championships Game Mode

  • More than just having the rosters, make a new game mode where you can play through FIBA and Olympic tournaments from past/present/future, build your Olympic roster, etc.
  • Could be integrated into MyNBA, MyCAREER, and/or be a stand-alone mode

4. Highlight Show like ‘Sportscenter’

  • There’s 2KTV, but should also have an in-game highlight show that recaps all the highlights and action from around the league.
  • Could be integrated into MyCAREER and MyNBA

5. Add Missing Legends – Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley

  • Pay whatever monetary price to get Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley into NBA 2K22

6. Virtual Reality and/or First Person View

  • Add a VR mode and First Person View camera

7. Crack Down on Cheese

  • Nerf the over-powered (“OP”) Curry spam dribble, unrealistic gameplay, OP builds, as well as uncommon or OP badges like Deep Threes Badge.

8. Remove Bots in Rec

  • Let’s be honest – this was a terrible idea that arrived to next-gen 2K21. Gamers specifically go online to play multiplayer with other gamers, not vs bots. Current-gen’s “hop in and play” ability is much faster than next-gen’s when it comes to Rec.

9. Improve Matchmaking in Rec

  • Have the matchmaking be more fair – squads vs squads, randoms vs randoms, while factoring in Rep more.

10. Increase Speed of MyPLAYER Development / Grinding

  • The game should have less grinding, more playing / competing. The grind has taken over as the primary goal instead of squads being able to start competing and building chemistry faster, instead of waiting too long for player builds to get up to par.
  • Users will still buy VC because more builds will get created in this scenario.

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