NBA 2K22 Adds All 30 NBA Team’s PA Announcers

“Deeee-trooiiiiit Bas-ket-baaaaaall!”. “Twooooo minutes, Dos Minutooos!” “Dwyaaaaaannee Waaaaaaade!”. Those are just some of the familiar NBA sounds that you’ll soon be able to hear in NBA 2K22. 2K22 has added all 30 NBA Team’s hometown public address announcers to the audio presentation in the game. A new video highlights various NBA PA announcers delivering their signature lines, to go along with some new in-game footage of NBA 2K22.

2K fans can listen to current and classic PA announcers providing the audio for the starting lineups, as well as the usual chime-ins for timeouts, 3-point baskets, and the like. The new audio is available for both current/last and next-gen.

The move is step in the right direction for added realism and immersion for 2K’s basketball franchise, which has some also pondering if every NBA team’s hometown commentators could be something that’s on the horizon as well for future NBA 2K iterations.

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