Challenger Badge

Challenger Badge

Improves the effectiveness of perimeter shot contests


For Best Results:

  • Combine this Badge with:
    • Clamps Badge
    • Tireless Defender Badge
  • Builds this Badge is Best Suited for:
    • Lockdown Defenders
    • 2 Way Builds
  • Attributes to Increase:
    • Perimeter Defense
  • Gameplay & Playstyle Tips:
    • Focus on reading the defense:
      • Pay attention to player tendencies, i.e. does the player have a tendency to drive to the hole, shoot jumpers, shoot fades, iso dribble, turbo, zig zag, etc. Then adjust accordingly i.e. sag off vs drivers, crowd shooters, take away side angle from zig zaggers, etc.
      • Hold RS up when you anticipate the offensive player is about to shoot
  • Notes:
    • Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
    • Badges have 4 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame
    • Badge availability depends on the archetype


Name: Challenger

Description: Improves the effectiveness of perimeter shot contests

Controls: Hold RS up to contest a shot

Skill(s): Defense > Perimeter Defense

Type: Defense / Rebounding Badge


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