Open Looks Badge

Open Looks Badge

As a way to encourage sudden opportunities, Open Looks will enhance a player’s ability to make wide-open jumpers.


Badge Requirements

  • Height: 5’7″ – 7’3″
  • Bronze: Mid-Range Shot 54 or Three-Point Shot 58
  • Silver: Mid-Range Shot 72 or Three-Point Shot 75
  • Gold: Mid-Range Shot 86 or Three-Point Shot 88
  • HOF: Mid-Range Shot 90 or Three-Point Shot 93

How to Activate This Badge

  • Activate this badge by taking shots that are wide open

Combine this Badge with:

  • Guard Up Badge

Builds this Badge is Best Suited for:

  • Outside Shooters

Attributes to Increase:

  • Mid-Range
  • 3PT

Gameplay & Playstyle Tips:

  • Have patience and work the ball around to get open shots


  • Press & hold Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox), or RS down then release


  • Offense > Outside Shooting


  • Shooting Badge


  • Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
  • Badges have 4 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame
  • Badges also have 4 tiers: S, A, B, C (with S being the best)
  • Badge availability depends on the archetype

Badge Tests & Analysis