NBA 2K19 Pro-Am: Private Matchmaking Confirmed, Earn Badges in Both Private & Public Games

A much needed feature for the NBA 2K Pro-Am community has been confirmed! NBA 2K19 Pro-Am will have Private Matchmaking. The system that NBA 2K19 is introducing allows 2K to keep the integrity of the ranking system and also have teams benefit from private matchmaking. Private matchmaking will allow friends to matchup with each other, but more significantly, esports “comp” games to matchup with other competitive Pro-Am teams.

Also revealed is that badges can now be earned in both private and public games, which can be a good thing, but has some concerned about “boosting”. Boosting is a trick when players (usually friends) collude to “throw the game” in order for players to rank up, get badges, get wins, etc. Here is an example from NBA 2K16:

Fortunately, 2K is already a step ahead and seems to have addressed any concerns to boosting:

NBA 2K19 is released on September 11, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. NBA 2K19 will be available in both a Standard Edition and a 20th Anniversary Edition. Pre-order the 20th Anniversary Edition to play 4 days early. “The Prelude” demo can be downloaded for free on Aug 31.