Is NBA 2K24 Worth It? (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One)

Is NBA 2K24 worth it?” This is the question that many are asking about the latest installment of the series. In this article, we attempt to answer that question by summarizing and breaking down the pros, the cons, and the differences between new gen and last gen for NBA 2K24.

Is NBA 2K24 Worth It?

Overall, your satisfaction with NBA 2K24 and whether you think it’s worth buying will likely come down to which game modes and generation you play, your tolerance level of spending real money on virtual currency, and how realistic you want the gameplay to be. With NBA 2K24 being the only simulation basketball game on the market, this annually becomes a must-buy for hoop fans by default for the fact alone. NBA 2K24 portrays the sport in a mostly realistic fashion, and the addition of crossplay and ProPLAY represent major improvements to the franchise.

Main New Features


  • NBA 2K24 introduced “ProPLAY” – a groundbreaking new technology that directly translates NBA footage into NBA 2K24 gameplay.
  • NBA 2K24 ProPLAY delivers animations and movements via on-court NBA action for a generational leap in authenticity. Jumpshots, dunks, layups, dribble moves, pass animations, and signature movement (on offense and defense) all got a facelift.
  • Exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S


  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are united at last
  • Exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

New Badge System

  • Tiered badges (S, A, B, and C tiers)
  • “Use it or lost it” badge system where you have to use the badge or it will regress

More Gameplay Improvements

  • Dribbling, defense, post moves, and more have all seen improvements, including changes to the Adrenaline Boosts system.

Rep System

  • In addition to “Seasons“, 2K brought back the rep system that progresses throughout the entire game and that doesn’t reset at the end of a season

The Pros 

  • Tons of game modes
  • Crossplay
  • ProPlay
  • Improved gameplay
  • New Badge system that reflects playstyle

The Cons

  • Pay to play for online modes
  • The City has gotten a bit stale
  • Graphics could use a boost

New Gen vs Last Gen

New GenLast Gen
GAME MODESThe CityNeighborhood
Mamba MomentsMamba Moments
Play Now off/onlinePlay Now off/online
MyNBA Eras
The Theater
FEATURESCrossplayCoastal Neighborhood
ProPLAY1v1 VR simulator
Basketball-focused MyCAREERRedesigned Neighborhood, Rec Center, Stage
Salary Cap mode in MyTEAM3v3 and 1v1 matchmaking
LeBron and Simple Eras in MyNBA5v5 court and change server option
XP counts for both MyTEAM and MyCAREERBasketball-focused MyCAREER
The TheaterSalary cap mode in MyTEAM
Improved Interior Defense and Dribble Combo ControlsNew Controller Settings
New Controller SettingsMore Accessible
More AccessibleNo More Quick Drops / Limitless takeoff
No More Quick Drops / Limitless takeoff
Shot Meter whites go in more, not at all on HOF
MyCAREER / MyPLAYERBadge Level ProgressionCoastal Neighborhood
BeachfrontREP is back
REP is backBasketball approach
Basketball approach
GRAPHICS4K @ 60 fps1080p @ 60 fps
PLATFORMSXbox Series X/SXbox One
PlayStation 5PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Steam / PC
EDITIONS & PRICES25th Anniversary Edition $149.9925th Anniversary Edition $149.99
Black Mamba Edition $99.99Black Mamba Edition $99.99
Kobe Bryant Edition $69.99Kobe Bryant Edition
WNBA Edition $69.99


We hope this guide has helped you determined if NBA 2K24 is worth buying for you! Check back here for more NBA 2KW guides in the future.

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