Victor Wembanyama in NBA 2K24: ‘The Wemby Effect’, Build, Rating, Invincible MyTEAM Card, More

With a height of 7’4″ and a do-it-all game and fluidity not seen from a 7 footer since Kevin Durant, the 18-year-old French basketball phenom Victor Wembanyama has taken the basketball world by storm. The highly-touted center is considered a generational prospect and the best basketball prospect to come around since LeBron James. As expected, the San Antonio Spurs drafted “Wemby” with the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft today. Coined an “alien” by LeBron for his other-worldly talent at his size, Wembanyama has been dominating the competition in a French professional league and is ready to take his talents to the NBA.

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In this article we take a look at Wembanyama’s impact on NBA 2K24 and much more!

Victor Wembanyama Info & Scouting Report

  • Position: Center
  • Height: 7’3.5″
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Wingspan: 8’0″
  • Elite 2-way player
  • Advanced ball-handling skills for his position and size, can create his own shot and create space
  • Impressive athleticism, lateral quickness, and fluidity for someone his size
  • Elite defensive player who can cover ground quickly, moves fluidly, quick off his feet, capable of perimeter defense, blocks and contests shots from anywhere on the court, good defensive instincts.
  • Good shooting mechanics with range that stretches to the 3PT Line
  • Competitive mindset
  • Tall and slender frame raises questions about how his body could hold up in the NBA
  • Can sometimes be turnover prone and foul prone
  • Has tendency to take wild shots difficult shots, although he can make many of them
Pro Comparisons
  • Ralph Sampson, Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Durant
Key Numbers
  • Led LNB Pro A in scoring, rebounding and blocked shots
  • Two-time LNB Pro A All-Star; All-Star Game MVP in 2022-23 season

NBA 2K Info on Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama in NBA 2K24

Pre-order the NBA 2K24 25th Anniversary Edition between July 7 and July 17 to receive a 90 Rated Victor Wembanyama Free Agent Card and a Victor Wembanyama Jersey for your MyPLAYER.

Victor Wembanyama in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

Wemby is officially in NBA 2K23! 2K announced that an Invincible Victor Wembanyama MyTEAM card will be available on June 22 as part of an NBA Draft content drop.

Check out highlights of Wemby in NBA 2K23 below:

NBA 2K23 Invincible Wembanyama MyTEAM Card Info

  • Name: Victor Wembanyama
  • MyTEAM Card: Invincible
  • OVR: 99
  • Height: 7’5″
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Wingspan: 8’0″
  • Position:  PF / SF
  • Shot Close: 99
  • Shot Mid: 99
  • Shot 3PT: 99
  • Free Throw: 99
  • Offensive Consistency: 99
Inside Scoring
  • Driving Layup: 99
  • Standing Dunk: 99
  • Driving Dunk: 99
  • Draw Foul: 99
  • Post Moves: 99
  • Post Hook: 99
  • Post Fade: 99
  • Hands: 99
  • Speed With Ball: 99
  • Ball Handle: 99
  • Passing Accuracy: 99
  • Passing Vision: 99
  • Passing IQ: 99
  • Interior Defense: 99
  • Perimeter Defense: 99
  • Help Defense IQ: 99
  • Lateral Quickness: 99
  • Pass Perception: 99
  • Steal: 99
  • Block: 99
  • Defensive Consistency: 99
  • Offensive Rebound: 99
  • Defensive Rebound: 99
  • Speed: 99
  • Acceleration: 99
  • Vertical: 99
  • Strength: 99
  • Stamina: 99
  • Hustle: 99
  • Intangibles: 95
  • Potential: 99

  • Bronze: 0
  • Silver: 0
  • Gold: 8
  • HOF: 55
Finishing Badges
  • HOF Acrobat
  • HOF Aerial Wizard
  • HOF Backdown Punisher
  • HOF Bully
  • HOF Dropstepper
  • HOF Fast Twitch
  • HOF Fearless Finisher
  • HOF Limitless Takeoff
  • HOF Masher
  • HOF Posterizer
  • HOF Post Spin Technician
  • HOF Rise Up
  • Gold Giant Slayer
  • Gold Pro Touch
  • Gold Slithery
Shooting Badges
  • HOF Agent 3
  • HOF Amped
  • HOF Blinders
  • HOF Catch and Shoot
  • HOF Claymore
  • HOF Corner Specialist
  • HOF Green Machine
  • HOF Guard Up
  • HOF Limitless Range
  • HOF Middy Magician
  • HOF Slippery Off Ball
  • HOF Volume Shooter
  • Gold Clutch Shooter
  • Gold Comeback Kid
  • Gold Space Creator
Playmaking Badges
  • HOF Ankle Breaker
  • HOF Bail Out
  • HOF Break Starter
  • HOF Clamp Breaker
  • HOF Dimer
  • HOF Floor General
  • HOF Handles for Days
  • HOF Hyperdrive
  • HOF Killer Combos
  • HOF Needle Threader
  • HOF Post Playmaker
  • HOF Quick First Step
  • HOF Vice Grip
  • HOF Special Delivery
Defensive / Rebounding Badges
  • HOF Anchor
  • HOF Boxout Beast
  • HOF Bick Wall
  • HOF Challenger
  • HOF Chase Down Artist
  • HOF Clamps
  • HOF Glove
  • HOF Interceptor
  • HOF Menace
  • HOF Off Ball Pest
  • HOF Pick Dodger
  • HOF Pogo Stick
  • HOF Post Lockdown
  • HOF Rebound Chaser
  • HOF Work Horse
  • Gold Ankle Braces
Personality Badges
  • Reserved
  • Unpredictable

Ronnie 2K: “Victor Wembanyama is Going to Break (NBA 2K24)”

Many NBA and 2K fans see Wembanyama as the ultimate real-life version of an NBA 2K ‘demigod’ – a.k.a. a created player so over-powered and glitchy that it’s only seen in videogames.

In a recent interview on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’, 2K rep Ronnie 2K said 2K has already started talking about Wembanyama’s 2K rating and jokingly said Wembanyama is “going to break our game” when he arrives in NBA 2K24.

Ronnie 2K went on to say that 2K had a similar challenge in 2016 on how the game had to adapt to Stephen Curry’s IRL “arcadey” shooting ability and videogame-like limitless range.

Victor Wembanyama NBA 2K24 Build & Ratings Projection

  • Two-Way Inside-Out Scorer
OVR Rating
  • 84 OVR

Victor Wembanyama NBA 2K23 Build & Face Creation


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