The Great Ban Wave of NBA 2K23 (MyTEAM)

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NBA 2K23 MyTEAM uses an Auction House system to buy cards, rather than opening packs and gambling for the cards you want. The way to obtain these cards is through means known as MyTEAM Points (better known as “MT”).

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The only way to get MT is by playing the game, quick selling cards, or selling cards on said Auction House. Another way is through buying MT. One way is legal, the other is against 2K’s Player Code of Conduct and ToS.

How to buy MT is simple. You can go to a website, fill out a form saying what cards you are putting up for max bid and buyout (100k each), and then pay whatever the rate is at that current time. Or, you can find a seller on any social media platform and send them photos of what cards you posted on the auction house. They usually have a fluctuating rate per 100k MT too. (Per 100k due to the max bid and buyout options being 100k. For example, if you wanted to buy 600k, you would post six cards for 100k each).

However, 2K is throwing down the ban hammer for the first time in years. Buying MT is against ToS and is a ban-able offense. Today, MyTEAM put out a tweet stating the following:

And 2K was not playing around or trying to scare people on this one. They meant what they tweeted. Countless people in the 2K community got banned. From content creators such as Jay Canada, 250k qualifiers such as Tydebo and SplashEdition, and even FlightReacts. Everyone seemed to feel the effects of this wave.

What was once people wondering where daily content went, quickly turned into panic and fear about whether the people of MyTEAM still had access to their accounts. Most people, however, found a loophole. If you got banned on a certain generation of console (i.e. Current gen or Next gen), you could go to that opposite console and play on your account.

For example, if you got banned on Next gen, you most likely were not banned on Current gen, and vice versa. Nonetheless, the 2K community was outraged over their consequences. If you break ToS, you cannot be surprised when consequences arrive. That is the risk you take buying MT rather than VC.

A lot of players left the game completely, while others are riding out their sentence on opposite generations of consoles. Whether you survived the ban wave or not, take this as a warning to not break ToS, and keep your account safe.

How this plays out in the coming weeks and months, i.e. how it may affect daily active users, the upcoming $250,000 MyTEAM tournament, and the amount of content creators that may lose traffic from this, remains to be seen. But it’s something we’ll definitely keep an eye on going forward.

Article contributed by Anthony Schulte

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