NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Card Tiers & Colors Explained

NBA 2K23’s MyTEAM is a game mode dependent on player cards. These player cards are ranked and organized by gem colors, and those are very important to understand when playing the game.

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The Gold tier is the lowest tier of the group. This tier ranges from 67-79 overall. This tier usually includes the worst players in the NBA, or worse versions of stars. Though it has been around for most of MyTEAM’s history, 2K replaced the Bronze and Silver tiers with the Gold tier in 2K22. While usually useless, this tier can be good for when Limited requirements involve Gold cards.


This tier ranges from 80-83 overall. Emeralds are usually role players. Just like Gold cards, Emeralds are mainly just used as cards to add to your collection or in Limited, when the rules request it.


Sapphires range from 84-86 overall and start including some NBA stars. In the past 2Ks these cards were able to crack some main squads, but since this year 2K does not include sapphires in promos, they haven’t been as good. Usually, just like the Emeralds and Golds, these cards are reserved for Limited.


Rubies are where cards start to get significantly better. This is the final tier before we get into promo tiers. Ranging from 87-89 overall, more stars get their cards here. Rubies are also very good for Limited, as Limited requires it most weeks.


Ah, the Amy’s. This is the start of the promo pack tiers, as Amethyst is the lowest tiers normally found in packs as part of the sets. 90-91 overall is where you will find this purple glow. Elite budget value cards can be found as Amethysts, too.


This gem runs 92-94 overall, and you can start finding more of the top tier cards in this range. These cards get more attention in the Auction House, too.

Pink Diamond

This tier is one of the highest available and includes the best cards in the game. From the beginning of the game to around December, it is the highest tier available. 95-96 overalls are found here, and include the top of each promo’s quality. Pink Diamonds are usually found within rewards.

Galaxy Opal

This is the tier where some of the most expensive cards are found. Ranging from 97-98 overall, some rewards and high-tier purchasable cards are found with the GO glow. Superstar and high-tier cards reside within the Opal confines.

Dark Matter

The top tier in MyTEAM at 99 overall, the best promo cards and reward cards are Dark Matter. Each card has a specific purple-ish glow around it, and have the best stats, animations, and best badges. If you can, add these cards to your lineup.

Closing Remarks

Each gem has different levels of play. Sometimes, Diamonds or Amethysts can play better than Pink Diamonds or Galaxy Opals. It is all based on animations and badges. If your favorite player is a Ruby, use him. It doesn’t matter about gem color; it’s about having fun and success with the card. Remember to check out our Auction House price guide to find out the prices for each gem color each day.

Article contributed by Anthony Schulte

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