NBA 2K22 Tips: How to Unlock “Rebirth” (Current Gen & Next Gen)

With the launch of Season 2 on NBA 2K22, the most beneficial and time-saving new Quest in MyCAREER is the “Rebirth” reward. If Rebirth is not working for you, check out this guide which explains how to unlock Rebirth for both current-gen and next-gen.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Explained

In NBA 2K22, the “Rebirth” reward makes a return to the franchise – albeit with some changes – and has been re-branded as a Quest. Rebirth essentially gives new builds a “head start” in maxing out a build. To unlock the ability to use Rebirth save files, players must complete a new quest.

How to Unlock the Rebirth Quest + Rewards

After completing the quest, players will earn the Rebirth reward. The quests and rewards are slightly different between current-gen and next-gen, here they are below:

Next Gen:

To get started:

1) Go to MyCAREER
2) Navigate to Quests, then City Quests, then Rebirth
3) Talk to ATM near Club 2K


  • Reach 90 OVR
  • Play 10 3v3 or 2v2 games in the City (in any affiliation)


  • With Rebirth unlocked, all new MyPLAYER builds start with up to 30 of your total badge points already earned.
  • Plus, your starting attribute increases from 85 to 90.

Current Gen:


  • Reach 90 OVR
  • Play 10 3v3 games with the Quest active


  • 20 Badge Points
  • Skip 10 pre-completed MP levels

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