The Viral Paul George ‘NBA 2K25’ Screenshot = Fake

No, the viral Paul George screenshot with his new 76ers team that was posted today on Twitter / X wasn’t the actual first look at NBA 2K25. This was merely an NBA 2K24 screenshot with the “2K25” logo plastered on it. As the NBA 2K25 news season heats up, veterans of the game know that’s when the “bait” is at the highest.

NBA 2K25 Graphics

Graphics have been a big topic of discussion as of recent, with many fans wanting NBA 2K25 to bring back the lighting of NBA 2K14. We will see if graphics and lightning will be one of the points of emphasis for NBA 2K25 in the coming weeks.

We Are Getting Close to the First NBA 2K25 News

Referencing the same content drop scheduling pattern as previous years, during NBA Summer League is when we should expect the first rollout of real NBA 2K25 news being announced – i.e. Cover Athlete Announcement, Pre-orders, etc. ‘NBA 2K25 Summer League’ is set to begin on July 12, 2024, in Las Vegas.

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