NBA 2K25 Announced as Official Sponsor of NBA Summer League 2024

NBA 2K25 Summer League

Continuing on with a multi-year deal between the NBA and 2K Sports, the NBA 2K series will once again sponsor the NBA Summer League. NBA 2K Summer League is set to return to Las Vegas from July 12-22, 2024, sponsored by the upcoming game, NBA 2K25.

What is the NBA 2K25 Summer League?

The NBA 2K25 Summer League is an annual NBA tournament-format competition that will showcase the top prospects from around the USA and abroad – recently drafted players, G-League stand-outs, and more.

What Rookies Will Be at NBA 2K25 Summer League?

Expect many of the expected top picks of the draft to be at NBA 2K24 Summer League, including Isaiah Collier, Nikola Topic, Cody Williams, Alexandre Sarr, Zaccharie Risacher, Ja’Kobe Walker, and many more. Of course the official announcements will be made the closer we get to the event.

Will This Event Reveal NBA 2K25 Info?

If 2K follows the same release schedule as last year, fans can expect many key developments to be announced for NBA 2K25, including the official announcement of the release date, cover athletes, pre-order bonuses. This event usually serves as the place to get NBA 2K25 rookies face scans and player likeness scanned into the game as well.

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