NBA 2K24 All Animation Requirements: Dribbling, Shooting, Dunks, Layups, Passing

NBA 2K24 All Animation Requirements

Here are all the updated NBA 2K24 Animation Requirements, featuring dribbling, dunks / layups, shooting, and passing animation requirements for your MyPLAYER.

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NameBall HandleSpeed w/BallMin Ht.Max Ht.Type
Basic005'77'3Dribble Styles
Normal0405'77'3Dribble Styles
Pro0705'77'3Dribble Styles
Kobe Bryant0885'76'9Dribble Styles
Stephen Curry0925'76'4Dribble Styles
Kevin Durant0755'77'3Dribble Styles
James Harden0755'76'9Dribble Styles
Kyrie Irving0905'76'4Dribble Styles
LeBron James0755'76'9Dribble Styles
Magic Johnson0755'76'9Dribble Styles
Zach LaVine005'77'3Dribble Styles
Damian Lillard0905'76'4Dribble Styles
Ja Morant0855'76'9Dribble Styles
Steve Nash0836'57'3Dribble Styles
John Stockton0755'76'4Dribble Styles
Trae Young0925'76'4Dribble Styles
Seimone Augustus0405'76'9Dribble Styles
Chelsea Gray0405'76'9Dribble Styles
Arike Ogunbowale0405'76'9Dribble Styles
Gabby Williams0405'76'9Dribble Styles
Basic005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Normal4005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Pro7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Rafer Alston8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Giannis Antetokounmpo6505'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Carmelo Anthony7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
LaMelo Ball8505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Lonzo Ball8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Desmond Bane7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Mike Bibby8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Kobe Bryant8805'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Jimmy Butler7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Maite Cazoria6005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
J. Cole7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Cade Cunningham7505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Baron Davis8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Luka Doncic7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Kevin Durant8505'77'3Signature Size-Ups
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Steve Francis9505'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Darius Garland8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Devonte' Graham8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Penny Hardaway8505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Tim Hardaway8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
James Harden8505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Jrue Holiday7505'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
LeBron James7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Michael Jordan7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Jason Kidd8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Zach LaVine005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Kawhi Leonard6505'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Jeremy Lin7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Kyle Lowry7005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Stephon Marbury8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
CJ McCollum7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Tracy McGrady8505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Ja Morant7505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Steve Nash8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Candace Parker6005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Chris Paul8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Rajon Rondo7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Derrick Rose8705'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Terry Rozier III8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
D'Angelo Russell7505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Breanna Stewart6005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Jalen Suggs7505'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Jayson Tatum7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Isaiah Thomas8505'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Dwyane Wade8005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Kemba Walker8605'76'4Signature Size-Ups
John Wall8505'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Russell Westbrook7005'76'9Signature Size-Ups
Coby White8005'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Jason Williams8505'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Zion Williamson7005'77'3Signature Size-Ups
Trae Young9205'76'4Signature Size-Ups
Basic005'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Normal4005'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Pro7005'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Giannis Antetokounmpo6505'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
LaMelo Ball8505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Lonzo Ball8005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Kobe Bryant8805'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Cade Cunningham7505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Luka Doncic7005'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Kevin Durant8505'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Steve Francis8505'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Darius Garland8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Paul George7505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Penny Hardaway8505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Tim Hardaway8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
James Harden8505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Scoot Henderson8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Jrue Holiday7505'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
LeBron James7005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Michael Jordan7005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Zach LaVine005'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Kawhi Leonard6505'77'3Regular Breakdown Combo
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Stephon Marbury8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Tracy McGrady8505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Ja Morant7505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Chris Paul8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Derrick Rose8705'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Terry Rozier III8005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
D'Angelo Russell7505'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Jayson Tatum7005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Isaiah Thomas8505'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Kemba Walker8605'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
John Wall8505'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Russell Westbrook7005'76'9Regular Breakdown Combo
Coby White8005'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Jason Williams8505'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Trae Young9205'76'4Regular Breakdown Combo
Basic005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Normal4005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Pro7005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Rafer Alston8005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
LaMelo Ball8505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Lonzo Ball8005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Kobe Bryant8805'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Jimmy Butler7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Cade Cunningham7505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Luka Doncic7005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Kevin Durant8505'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Steve Francis8505'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Darius Garland8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Paul George7505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Tim Hardaway8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
James Harden8505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Scoot Henderson8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Jrue Holiday7505'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
LeBron James7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Michael Jordan7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Zach LaVine005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Kawhi Leonard6505'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Stephon Marbury8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Tracy McGrady8505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Ja Morant7505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Chris Paul8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Derrick Rose8705'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Terry Rozier III8005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
D'Angelo Russell7505'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Jayson Tatum7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Isaiah Thomas8505'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Kemba Walker8605'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
John Wall8505'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Russell Westbrook7005'76'9Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Coby White8005'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Jason Williams8505'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Zion Williamson7005'77'3Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Trae Young9205'76'4Aggressive Breakdown Combo
Basic005'77'3Escape Moves
Normal4005'77'3Escape Moves
Pro7005'77'3Escape Moves
LaMelo Ball8505'76'9Escape Moves
Kobe Bryant8805'77'3Escape Moves
Jimmy Butler7005'76'10Escape Moves
Luka Doncic7005'77'3Escape Moves
Kevin Durant7505'77'3Escape Moves
Joel Embiid5505'77'3Escape Moves
De'Aaron Fox9105'76'9Escape Moves
Darius Garland8005'76'5Escape Moves
Paul George8005'77'3Escape Moves
James Harden8005'77'3Escape Moves
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Escape Moves
LeBron James7005'77'3Escape Moves
Zach LaVine005'77'3Escape Moves
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Escape Moves
Ja Morant7505'76'9Escape Moves
Chris Paul8005'76'9Escape Moves
Jayson Tatum7005'76'9Escape Moves
Kemba Walker8605'76'9Escape Moves
Trae Young9205'76'9Escape Moves
Basic005'77'3Combo Moves
Normal4005'77'3Combo Moves
Pro7005'77'3Combo Moves
LaMelo Ball8605'76'9Combo Moves
Kobe Bryant8805'77'3Combo Moves
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Combo Moves
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Combo Moves
Tim Hardaway9005'77'3Combo Moves
James Harden8005'77'3Combo Moves
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Combo Moves
Zach LaVine005'77'3Combo Moves
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Combo Moves
Ja Morant8405'76'9Combo Moves
Jayson Tatum7005'76'9Combo Moves
Trae Young9205'76'9Combo Moves
Giannis Antetokounmpo7005'77'3Crossover
Lonzo Ball8005'76'9Crossover
LaMelo Ball8005'76'9Crossover
Kobe Bryant8805'77'3Crossover
Jimmy Butler7005'76'9Crossover
J. Cole7005'76'9Crossover
Mike Conley7905'76'9Crossover
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Crossover
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Crossover
Luka Doncic7005'77'3Crossover
Kevin Durant7505'77'3Crossover
Anthony Edwards7605'77'3Crossover
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Crossover
Darius Garland8005'76'4Crossover
Josh Giddey7605'76'9Crossover
James Harden8005'76'9Crossover
Scoot Henderson8005'76'4Crossover
Allen Iverson8005'76'9Crossover
Michael Jordan7505'77'3Crossover
Zach LaVine005'77'3Crossover
Kawhi Leonard7005'77'3Crossover
Damian Lillard9005'76'4Crossover
James Moon7505'76'9Crossover
Ja Morant7505'76'9Crossover
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Crossover
Chris Paul8005'77'3Crossover
Terry Rozier III8005'76'9Crossover
D'Angelo Russell7505'76'9Crossover
Jayson Tatum7505'77'3Crossover
John Wall8005'76'9Crossover
Jason Williams7505'77'3Crossover
Zion Williamson7005'77'3Crossover
Trae Young9205'76'9Crossover
Basic005'77'3Behind The Back
Normal4005'77'3Behind The Back
Pro7005'77'3Behind The Back
LaMelo Ball8005'76'9Behind The Back
Kobe Bryant8805'77'3Behind The Back
Jimmy Butler7005'76'9Behind The Back
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Behind The Back
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Behind The Back
Luka Doncic8005'77'3Behind The Back
Kevin Durant7505'77'3Behind The Back
De'Aaron Fox8005'76'9Behind The Back
Darius Garland8005'76'4Behind The Back
James Harden8005'76'9Behind The Back
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Behind The Back
LeBron James7005'77'3Behind The Back
Zach LaVine005'77'3Behind The Back
Kawhi Leonard8005'77'3Behind The Back
James Moon7505'76'9Behind The Back
Jamal Murray8305'76'9Behind The Back
Chris Paul8505'77'3Behind The Back
Scottie Pippen7505'77'3Behind The Back
Jayson Tatum7505'77'3Behind The Back
Andrew Wiggins7505'77'3Behind The Back
Trae Young9205'76'9Behind The Back
LaMelo Ball8005'76'9Spin
Jimmy Butler7505'77'3Spin
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Spin
Anthony Davis7005'77'3Spin
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Spin
Kevin Durant7505'77'3Spin
Anthony Edwards7605'77'3Spin
Darius Garland8005'76'5Spin
Penny Hardaway7505'77'3Spin
LeBron James8005'77'3Spin
Nikola Jokic5505'77'3Spin
Kawhi Leonard7505'77'3Spin
James Moon7505'76'9Spin
Ja Morant7505'76'9Spin
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Spin
Steve Nash8005'76'9Spin
Terry Rozier III8005'76'9Spin
Jayson Tatum7505'77'3Spin
Karl-Anthony Towns7005'77'3Spin
John Wall8005'76'9Spin
Andrew Wiggins7005'77'3Spin
Trae Young9205'76'9Spin
LaMelo Ball8505'76'9Hesitation
Larry Bird7005'77'3Hesitation
Kobe Bryant8805'76'9Hesitation
Jimmy Butler7005'76'9Hesitation
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Hesitation
DeMar DeRozan7505'76'9Hesitation
Luka Doncic7505'77'3Hesitation
Kevin Durant8005'77'3Hesitation
Anthony Edwards7605'77'3Hesitation
Darius Garland8005'76'4Hesitation
Paul George7505'76'9Hesitation
James Harden8005'76'9Hesitation
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Hesitation
James Moon7505'76'9Hesitation
Ja Morant7505'76'9Hesitation
Jamal Murray7005'76'9Hesitation
Chris Paul8505'77'3Hesitation
Scottie Pippen7005'77'3Hesitation
Jayson Tatum7505'77'3Hesitation
John Wall8005'76'9Hesitation
Giannis Antetokounmpo7005'77'3Stepback
Jimmy Butler7005'77'3Stepback
Vince Carter7005'77'3Stepback
Stephen Curry9205'76'4Stepback
Luka Doncic8005'77'3Stepback
Joel Embiid5505'77'3Stepback
James Harden8005'76'9Stepback
Kyrie Irving9005'76'4Stepback
Zach LaVine005'77'3Stepback
Kawhi Leonard7005'77'3Stepback
Chris Paul7505'76'9Stepback
Jayson Tatum7505'77'3Stepback
Kemba Walker8605'77'3Stepback
John Wall8005'76'9Stepback
Basic005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Normal005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Pro005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Kobe Bryant005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Stephen Curry005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Luka Doncic005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Joel Embiid005'77'3Triple Threat Style
LeBron James005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Zach LaVine005'77'3Triple Threat Style
Zion Williamson005'77'3Triple Threat Style


NameMin HeightMax Heighttype
Basic 5'77'3Dribble Pull-Ups
Normal5'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Normal 25'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Pro5'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Pro 25'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Pro 35'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Desmond Bane5'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Harrison Barnes6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Bradley Beal5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Mikal Bridges6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Dillon Brooks6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Kobe Bryant6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Trey Burke5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Jordan Clarkson5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Mike Conley5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Cade Cunningham6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Seth Curry5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Stephen Curry5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
DeMar DeRozan6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Luka Doncic5'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
De'Aarron Fox5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Darius Garland5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Paul George6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Gordon Hayward6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Tyler Herro5'76'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Buddy Hield5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Kevin Huerter6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Kyrie Irving5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
LeBron James6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Michael Jordan6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Kyle Kuzma6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Zach LaVine5'77'3Dribble Pull-Ups
Kawhi Leonard6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Damian Lillard5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Kyle Lowry5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
CJ McCollum5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Ben McLemore5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Davion Mitchell5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Malik Monk5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Keegan Murray6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Dirk Nowitzki6'107'3Dribble Pull-Ups
Chris Paul5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Duncan Robinson6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Nate Robinson5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Glenn Robinson III6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Terrence Ross6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Collin Sexton5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Pascal Siakam6'57'3Dribble Pull-Ups
Jayson Tatum6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Klay Thompson6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Devin Vassell6'56'9Dribble Pull-Ups
Russell Westbrook5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Jason Williams5'76'4Dribble Pull-Ups
Basic00Spin Jumpers
Basic 200Spin Jumpers
Normal00Spin Jumpers
Pro00Spin Jumpers
Cade Cunninham6'56'9Spin Jumpers
Stephen Curry5'76'4Spin Jumpers
Kevin Durant6'57'3Spin Jumpers
De'Aaron Fox5'76'4Spin Jumpers
Michael Jordan6'56'9Spin Jumpers
Dirk Nowitzki6'107'3Spin Jumpers
Nate Robinson5'76'4Spin Jumpers
Trae Young5'76'4Spin Jumpers
Basic00Hop Jumpers
Basic 200Hop Jumpers
Normal00Hop Jumpers
Normal 200Hop Jumpers
Pro5'76'9Hop Jumpers
Pro 25'76'9Hop Jumpers
Desmond Man6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Harrison Barnes6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Kent Bazemore5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Bradley Beal5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Kobe Bryant6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Trey Burke5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Jimmy Butler6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Mike Conley5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Cade Cunningham6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Seth Curry5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Stephen Curry5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Luka Doncic5'76'9Hop Jumpers
De'Aaron Fox5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Paul George6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Tyler Herro5'76'9Hop Jumpers
Kevin Huerter6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Kyrie Irving5'76'4Hop Jumpers
LeBron James6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Nikola Jokic6'107'3Hop Jumpers
Michael Jordan6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Zach LaVine5'77'3Hop Jumpers
Damian Lillard5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Davion Mitchell5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Malik Monk5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Dirk Nowitzki6'107'3Hop Jumpers
Chris Paul5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Glenn Robinson6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Nate Robinson5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Jayson Tatum6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Klay Thomson6'56'9Hop Jumpers
Russell Westbrook5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Jason Williams5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Zion Williamson6'57'3Hop Jumpers
Trae Young5'76'4Hop Jumpers
Basic5'77'3Post Fades
Basic 25'77'3Post Fades
Normal5'77'3Post Fades
Normal 25'77'3Post Fades
Pro5'77'3Post Fades
Pro 25'77'3Post Fades
Pro 35'77'3Post Fades
Harrison Barnes5'77'3Post Fades
Kobe Bryant5'77'3Post Fades
DeMar DeRozan5'77'3Post Fades
Luka Doncic5'77'3Post Fades
LeBron James5'77'3Post Fades
Nikola Jokic5'77'3Post Fades
Karl Malone5'77'3Post Fades
Boban Marjanovic5'77'3Post Fades
Dirk Nowitzki5'77'3Post Fades
Jayson Tatum5'77'3Post Fades
Karl-Anthony Towns5'77'3Post Fades
Basic5'77'3Post Hooks
Normal5'77'3Post Hooks
Pro5'77'3Post Hooks
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar5'77'3Post Hooks
Giannis Antetokounmpo5'77'3Post Hooks
Joel Embiid5'77'3Post Hooks
Nikola Jokic5'77'3Post Hooks
Shaquille O'Neal5'77'3Post Hooks
Nikola Vucevic5'77'3Post Hooks
Basic5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Normal5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Pro5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Harrison Barnes5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Kobe Bryant5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Anthony Davis5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Dirk Nowitzki5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Austin Rivers5'77'3Post Hop-Shots
Elite5'76'9Motion Style
Steven Adams6'107'3Motion Style
Santi Aldama6'107'3Motion Style
Jarrett Allen6'107'3Motion Style
Carmelo Anthony6'56'9Motion Style
OG Anunoby6'56'9Motion Style
Deandre Ayton6'107'3Motion Style
Marvin Bagley III6'107'3Motion Style
LaMelo Ball5'76'9Motion Style
Desmond Bane6'56'9Motion Style
Harrison Barnes6'56'9Motion Style
Scottie Barnes6'56'9Motion Style
Nicolas Batum6'56'9Motion Style
Bradley Beal5'76'4Motion Style
Malik Beasley5'76'4Motion Style
Patrick Beverley5'76'4Motion Style
Eric Bledsoe5'76'4Motion Style
Bojan Bogdanovic6'56'9Motion Style
Christian Braun6'56'9Motion Style
Mikal Bridges6'56'9Motion Style
Dillon Brooks6'56'9Motion Style
Kobe Bryant6'56'9Motion Style
Alec Burks6'56'9Motion Style
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope6'56'9Motion Style
Alex Caruso5'76'9Motion Style
Brandon Clarke6'57'3Motion Style
Mike Conley5'76'4Motion Style
Robert Covington6'57'3Motion Style
Torrey Craig6'56'9Motion Style
Seth Curry5'76'4Motion Style
Stephen Curry5'76'4Motion Style
Anthony Davis6'107'3Motion Style
Keita Bates-Diop6'56'9Motion Style
Donte DiVencenzo5'76'4Motion Style
Kevin Durant6'57'3Motion Style
Jalen Duren6'107'3Motion Style
Joel Embiid6'107'3Motion Style
Drew Eubanks6'57'3Motion Style
Patrick Ewing6'107'3Motion Style
De'Aaron Fox5'76'4Motion Style
Daniel Gafford6'57'3Motion Style
Darius Garland5'76'4Motion Style
Paul George6'56'9Motion Style
Taj Gibson6'57'3Motion Style
Rudy Gobert6'107'3Motion Style
Aaron Gordon6'56'9Motion Style
Jerami Grant6'56'9Motion Style
Draymond Green6'57'3Motion Style
Montrezl Harrell6'57'3Motion Style
Josh Hart6'56'9Motion Style
Killian Hayes5'76'9Motion Style
Tyler Herro5'76'9Motion Style
Buddy Hield5'76'4Motion Style
Dwight Howard6'107'3Motion Style
Kevin Huerter6'56'9Motion Style
Nah'Shon Hyland5'76'4Motion Style
Serge Ibaka6'107'3Motion Style
Andre Iguodala6'56'9Motion Style
Kyrie Irving5'76'4Motion Style
Jaden Ivey5'76'4Motion Style
Isaiah Jackson6'107'3Motion Style
Reggie Jackson5'76'4Motion Style
LeBron James6'56'9Motion Style
Nikola Jokic6'107'3Motion Style
Tre Jones5'76'4Motion Style
Tyrus Jones5'76'4Motion Style
DeAndre Jordan6'107'3Motion Style
Michael Jordan6'56'9Motion Style
Cory Joseph5'76'4Motion Style
Walker Kessler6'107'3Motion Style
Kyle Kuzma6'56'9Motion Style
Anthony Lamb6'56'9Motion Style
Jake LaRavia6'56'9Motion Style
Kawhi Leonard6'56'9Motion Style
Caris LeVert6'56'9Motion Style
Damian Lillard5'76'4Motion Style
Isiah Livers6'56'9Motion Style
Kevon Looney6'57'3Motion Style
Trey Lyles6'57'3Motion Style
Theo Maledon5'76'4Motion Style
Lauri Markkanen6'57'3Motion Style
Caleb Martin6'56'9Motion Style
Bennedict Mathurin6'56'9Motion Style
CJ McCollum5'76'4Motion Style
TJ McConnell5'76'4Motion Style
Jalen McDaniels6'56'9Motion Style
Evan Mobley6'107'3Motion Style
Malik Monk5'76'4Motion Style
Marcus Morris Sr.6'57'3Motion Style
Monte Morris5'76'4Motion Style
Dejounte Murray5'76'4Motion Style
Keegan Murray6'56'9Motion Style
Andrew Nembhard5'76'9Motion Style
Aaron Nesmith6'56'9Motion Style
Zeke Nnaji6'57'3Motion Style
Kendrick Nunn5'76'4Motion Style
Jusuf Nurkic6'107'3Motion Style
Kelly Olynyk6'107'3Motion Style
Royce O'Neal6'56'9Motion Style
Cedi Osman6'56'9Motion Style
Cameron Payne5'76'4Motion Style
Mason Plumlee6'107'3Motion Style
Jakob Poeltl6'107'3Motion Style
Michael Porter Jr.6'57'3Motion Style
Kristaps Prizingis6'107'3Motion Style
Normal Powell5'76'4Motion Style
Nick Richards6'107'3Motion Style
Josh Richardson6'56'9Motion Style
David Roddy6'56'9Motion Style
Dennis Rodman6'56'9Motion Style
Dennis Shroder5'76'4Motion Style
Collin Sexton5'76'4Motion Style
Day'Ron Sharpe6'57'3Motion Style
Shaedon Sharpe6'56'9Motion Style
Ben Simmons6'56'9Motion Style
Jeremy Sochan6'56'9Motion Style
Anfernee Simons5'76'4Motion Style
Jalen Smith6'107'3Motion Style
Jayson Tatum6'56'9Motion Style
Klay Thompson6'56'9Motion Style
Karl-Anthony Towns6'107'3Motion Style
Gary Trent Jr.6'56'9Motion Style
Myles Turner6'107'3Motion Style
Jarred Vanderbilt6'57'3Motion Style
Fred VanVleet5'76'4Motion Style
Davin Vassell6'56'9Motion Style
Nikola Vucevic6'107'3Motion Style
Lonnie Walker IV5'76'4Motion Style
PJ Washington6'57'3Motion Style
Coby White5'76'4Motion Style
Andrew Wiggins6'56'9Motion Style
Patrick Williams6'56'9Motion Style
Justin Winslow6'57'3Motion Style
Ivica Zubac6'107'3Motion Style


NameStand DunkDrv DunkVertMin Ht.Max Ht.Type
Giannis Antetokounmpo7575506'57'3Sig Dunks
Kobe Bryant092765'76'9Sig Dunks
Vince Carter086705'76'9Sig Dunks
Darryl Dawkins7575506'107'3Sig Dunks
DeMar DeRozan075555'76'9Sig Dunks
Dr. Disrespect085705'76'9Sig Dunks
Luka Doncic070505'76'9Sig Dunks
Clyde Drexler084645'76'9Sig Dunks
Anthony Edwards082625'76'9Sig Dunks
Julius Erving084645'76'9Sig Dunks
Paul George080606'56'9Sig Dunks
Aaron Gordon080606'56'9Sig Dunks
Manu Ginobili061355'76'9Sig Dunks
Draymond Green5860456'57'3Sig Dunks
Blake Griffin7082556'57'3Sig Dunks
James Harden083635'76'9Sig Dunks
Dwight Howard7565506'107'3Sig Dunks
LeBron James084646'57'3Sig Dunks
Zach LaVine0005'77'3Sig Dunks
Karl Malone5075506'57'3Sig Dunks
CJ McCollum04005'76'9Sig Dunks
Tracy McGrady084645'76'9Sig Dunks
Ja Morant089685'76'9Sig Dunks
Shaquille O'Neal8055506'107'3Sig Dunks
Scottie Pippen085656'57'3Sig Dunks
Glenn Robinson III080605'76'9Sig Dunks
Ben Simmons6575456'57'3Sig Dunks
Latrell Sprewell080605'76'9Sig Dunks
Klay Thompson055355'76'9Sig Dunks
Karl-Anthony Towns7570406'107'3Sig Dunks
Russell Westbrook093805'76'9Sig Dunks
Andrew Wiggins092756'5 6'9Sig Dunks
Dominique Wilkins088656'57'3Sig Dunks
Zion Williamson6086606'57'3Sig Dunks
Rim Grazer03605'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Off Two03606'107'3NBA Dunks
Basic One-Handers Off Two04505'77'3NBA Dunks
Basic Two-Handers Off Two04505'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic One-Handers Off Two070505'77'3NBA Dunks
Basic Hangs Off Two04005'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic Hangs Off Two060405'77'3NBA Dunks
Fist Pump Rim Pulls Off Two060405'77'3NBA Dunks
Quick Drops Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers Off Two085605'77'3NBA Dunks
Side Clutches Off Two075555'77'3NBA Dunks
Back Scratchers Off Two070505'77'3NBA Dunks
Back Scratching Rim Hangs Off Two070505'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Back Scratchers Off Two060406'107'3NBA Dunks
Reverses Off Two070505'77'3NBA Dunks
Clutch Reverses Off Two075555'77'3NBA Dunks
Baseline Reverses Off Two075555'77'3NBA Dunks
Baseline Clutch Reverses Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Windmill Baseline Reverses Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Clutch Baseline Reverses Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
One-Hand Clutch Reverses Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Tomahawks Off Two05006'107'3NBA Dunks
Athletic Side Tomahawks Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic Front Tomahawks Off Two090705'77'3NBA Dunks
Leaning Slams Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Bigman Windmills Off Two070506'107'3NBA Dunks
Windmill Reverses Off Two080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Leaning Windmills Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Front Windmills Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Side Windmills Off Two090705'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic Windmills Off Two090705'77'3NBA Dunks
Basic 360s Off Two085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Rim Grazers Off One03605'77'3NBA Dunks
Basic One-Handers Off One050305'77'3NBA Dunks
Basic Two-Handers Off One050305'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic One-Handers Off One075555'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Hangs Off One050306'107'3NBA Dunks
Hangs Off One055355'77'3NBA Dunks
Athletic Hangs Off One065455'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Side Clutches Off One050306'107'3NBA Dunks
Side Clutches Off One092755'77'3NBA Dunks
Back Scratcher Off One089705'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Baseline Reverses Off One065456'107'3NBA Dunks
Reverses Off One075555'77'3NBA Dunks
Baseline Reverses Off One080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Big Man Tomahawks Off One055356'107'3NBA Dunks
Side Arm Tomahawks Off One084655'77'3NBA Dunks
Straight Arm Tomahawks Off One095805'77'3NBA Dunks
Cock Back Tomahawks Off One094755'77'3NBA Dunks
Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One090705'77'3NBA Dunks
Windmill Off One085655'77'3NBA Dunks
Cradle Dunks Off One080605'77'3NBA Dunks
Switcheroos Off One085655'77'3NBA Dunks
One Hand Under Basket Regular45005'77'3Standing Dunks
Two Hand Under Basket Regular40005'77'3Standing Dunks
Pro Under Basket Rim Pulls70005'77'3Standing Dunks
Elite Basket Rim Pulls65005'77'3Standing Dunks
One Hand Under Basket Athletic85005'77'3Standing Dunks
Two Hand Under Basket Athletic80005'77'3Standing Dunks
Pro Contact Dunks Off Two087755'77'3Contact Dunks
Elite Contact Dunks Off Two094825'77'3Contact Dunks
Small Contact Dunks Off Two086855'76'4Contact Dunks
Pro Contact Dunks Off One089785'77'3Contact Dunks
Elite Contact Dunks Off One096865'77'3Contact Dunks
Small Contact Dunks Off One093855'76'4Contact Dunks
Pro Bigman Contact Dunks800606'107'3Contact Dunks
Elite Bigman Contact Dunks900756'107'3Contact Dunks
Pro Alley-Oop070305'77'3Alley-Oops
Elite Alley-Oop085605'77'3Alley-Oops
Zion Williamson Alley-Oop087605'77'3Alley-Oops
Pro Contact Alley-Oop084705'77'3Alley-Oops
Elite Contact Alley-Oop092805'77'3Alley-Oops
Small Contact Alley-Oop086855'76'4Alley-Oops
Big Contact Alley-Oop8570606'107'3Alley-Oops
Flashy Off Two070505'77'3Park Dunks
Flashy Hangs Off Two070505'77'3Park Dunks
Under Leg Off Two070505'77'3Park Dunks
360s Off Two070505'77'3Park Dunks
Under Leg 360s Off Two070505'77'3Park Dunks
Jordan Kilganon090705'76'9Park Dunks
Flashy Off One070505'77'3Park Dunks
Flashy Hangs Off One070505'77'3Park Dunks
Under Leg Off One070505'77'3Park Dunks
360s Off One070505'77'3Park Dunks
Jordan Southerland090705'76'9Park Dunks
Park Alley-Oop Reverses075505'77'3Park Alley-Oops
Park Alley-Oop 360s085605'77'3Park Alley-Oops
Park Alley-Oop Windmills080555'77'3Park Alley-Oops
Park Alley-Oop Under Leg085605'77'3Park Alley-Oops
Park Alley-Oop Flashy070505'77'3Park Alley-Oops
Jordan Kilganon Alley-Oop090655'76'9Park Alley-Oops


NameDriving LaupMin Ht.Max Ht.
Default Small05'76'9
Default Swing05'76'9
Default Big06'107'3
Giannis Antetokounmpo886'107'3
LaMelo Ball785'76'9
Bradley Beal855'76'9
Jaylen Brown845'76'9
Kobe Bryant885'76'9
Jimmy Butler795'76'9
J. Cole655'76'4
DeMar DeRozan815'76'9
Luka Doncic885'76'9
Kevin Durant856'56'9
Anthony Edwards845'76'9
Joel Embiid786'107'3
Da’Aaron Fox845'76'4
George Gervin706'56'9
James Harden825'76'9
LeBron James875'76'9
Magic Johnson765'76'9
Nikola Jokic786'107'3
Michael Jordan835'76'9
Damian Lillard865'76'4
Ja Morant875'76'4
Dejounte Murray835'76'9
Julius Randle826'107'3
Derrick Rose775'76'4
Ben Simmons756'56'9
Jayson Tatum855'76'9
John Wall775'76'4
Russell Westbrook795'76'9
Jason Williams755'76'4
Zion Williamson706'57'3
Trae Young805'76'4


NamePass AccMin Ht.Ht.Type
Fundamental05'77'3Pass Style
LaMelo Ball855'77'3Pass Style
Stephen Curry805'77'3Pass Style
De'Aaron Fox795'77'3Pass Style
Tyrese Haliburton895'77'3Pass Style
LeBron James865'77'3Pass Style
Magic Johnson855'77'3Pass Style
Nikola Jokic805'77'3Pass Style
Damian Lillard815'77'3Pass Style
Ja Morant755'77'3Pass Style
Domantas Sabonis755'77'3Pass Style
Jason Williams905'77'3Pass Style
Trae Young805'77'3Pass Style
Behind Back05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
Elbow Pass05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
Kick Pass05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
No Look05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
Swagger05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
Tap Pass05'77'3Park Flashy Passes
Wizard05'77'3Park Flashy Passes

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