NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Change Shot Meter, Shot Timing, Shot Feedback & More

Getting down the right jumpshot settings in NBA 2K23 is a must have for any elite shooter in the game. Here are all the ways to change shot settings in NBA 2K23, our recommendations, and more!

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How to Change Shot Meter Settings

  1. Go to MyCAREER Menu > Options > Controller Settings > Shot Meter
  2. Here you can change your Shot Meter settings

Shot Meter Options:

  • On
  • Off (recommended, turning off shot meter gives players a jump shot boost)
  • Free Throws Only
  • Shot button Only
  • Pro Stick Only

How to Change Shot Meter, Perfect Release, Ball Trail Graphics

NBA 2K23 lets you customize the look / graphics of your Shot Meter and more. Check out the instructions below:

  1. Go to MyCAREER Menu > MyPLAYER > Animations > Gameplay Effects
  2. Under ‘Gameplay Effects’, you can change the graphics / look of your Shot Meter, Perfect Release, and Ball Trail.

Shot Meter Graphics Options:

  • Curved (Side)
  • Curved (Mini)
  • Funnel (Over)
  • Straight Bar (Side)
  • Straight Bar (Mini)
  • V (Over)
  • Comet (High)
  • Tusk 1 (Under

How to Change Shot Feedback

Shot Feedback in NBA 2K23 gives info-feedback on a shot to let users know how well they timed the shot and the percentage that it was contested. Here’s how to change the settings:

  1. Go to MyCAREER > Options > Settings
  2. Go to ‘Shot Feedback’ to change your options

Shot Feedback Options:

  • All Shots (recommended)
  • User Only
  • Free Throws Only
  • Off

How to Change Shot Timing & Shot Timing Release Time

  1. Go to MyCAREER Menu > Options > Controller Settings
  2. Here you can change Shot Timing and Shot Timing Release Time

Shot Timing Options

  • Shots Only (recommended)
  • Layups Only
  • Real Player%
  • Shots and Layups

Shot Timing Release Time Options

  • Very Early
  • Early
  • Late
  • Very Late

NBA 2K23 Jumphot & Shot Timing Tips

  • Experiment with different Jumpshots and Shot Timing Release Times to find a combo that works best for you.
  • Practice your jumpshot at the Gatorade Gym, Pro-Am arena, MyCOURT (last-gen), or an empty outdoor court in The City.
  • Have patience and take low-contested shots
  • Look for visual jumpshot visual cues to go by so that you can consistently time the shot
  • Use the best Shooting Badges

For more and in-depth shooting tips, check out the NBA 2K23 Ultimate Shooting Guide!

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