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Gym Rat Badge

Provides permanent boosts to physical attributes


  • There are 2 ways on how you can get Gym Rat Badge
    • 1) You can rep up your MyPLAYER to Superstar 2 Rep Level (Current-Gen) or Superstar 3 Rep Level (Next-Gen) to unlock Gym Rat Badge.
    • 2) You can also unlock Gym Rat Badge for a specific player by playing a full season of (non-simmed) MyCAREER (at least 55 non-simmed games, 40 non-simmed games for Next-Gen) and you must win the championship. This will unlock the badge only on the player you win the championship with.
  • Simmed games will not count towards the Gym Rat Badge, but to save time you can foul out or ask out of the game during a blowout.
  • Adds a permanent +4 boost to Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Speed, Stamina, Strength, Vertical


Name: Gym Rat

Description: Provides permanent boosts to physical attributes

Type: Personality Badge