NBA 2K23 Legend Prize / Reward Revealed by the First Legend

The NBA 2K23 Legend Prize has been revealed via the first Legend of NBA 2K23, Keystix.

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The First Legend of NBA 2K23: KEYSTIX

Congrats to Keystix for becoming the first Legend in NBA 2K23! Keystix endured the long grind to NBA 2K23 Legend, completing all four objectives of the Legend requirements:

  • Score 100,000 points in The City, Pro-Am, or The Rec games
  • Play 500 games at G.O.A.T. Level
  • Complete 12 Season Quests
  • Earn Prizes across 20 Events in The City

NBA 2K23 Legend Prize / Rewards


A low-rider car to transport around The City is one of the Legend rewards in NBA 2k23.


Legendary Core Badge Patterns in NBA 2K23 allow you to switch the core badges to any badge pattern you want (for Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, or Def/Reb). For example, you can have four playmaking core badges or four shooting core badges or any possible combination of the four.


The NBA 2K23 Legend Prize also gives your MyPLAYER four extra badges.

Keystix also was gifted a 2K Logo by 2K Sports, but right now it’s unclear if this is one of the rewards for just the first NBA 2K23 Legend or for all Legends. What do you think of the NBA 2K23 Legend Rewards? Let us know in the NBA 2K Community!

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