NBA 2K23 Badge Loadouts Explained: Extra Badge Loadout, How to Change, & More

In this NBA 2K23 Badge Loadouts guide, we explain how to get an extra badge loadout, how to change badge loadouts, and more!

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Badge Loadouts Explained

Badge Loadouts are simply a collection / set of NBA 2K23 Badges for your MyPLAYER that can be customized and saved so that you can quickly switch between different sets of badges. More options = better.

Badge Loadout Tips

Badge Loadouts come in handy in a variety of ways – here are some tips for how you can use different badge loadouts:

  • You can have a Rec / Pro-Am version, City, or MyCAREER version of badges
  • You can change loadouts based on who your teammates are
  • You can change loadouts to experiment with different sets for upcoming games without messing up your default badge loadout
  • You can change loadouts to improve the grind for badge points or core badges

How to Change & Rename Badge Loadouts

  • To add new badges for a new loadout, go to MyCAREER > Progression > Badges > then press Right Stick to the right to change between loadouts.
  • To rename your badge loadout, click RS in
  • To change your badge loadout before a City game, hit Dpad Down, then RT or R2 / LT or L2 to change between loadouts

How to Get an Extra Badge Loadout

Getting an extra badge loadout can be earned via the Extra Badge Loadout Quest under ‘Side Quests’. Here’s the NBA 2K23 Quest below:



Use the badge loadout enough and Jackson Ellis will give you an extra Badge Loadout to use so you can easily swap between them before games.


  • Talk to Jackson Ellis near the Pro-Am Arena
  • Use the Badge Loadout 20 Times in Games


  • Extra Badge Loadout

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