NBA 2K20 Prelude Demo Release Date & Details

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The NBA 2K20 demo release date is August 21st at 8 AM pacific time, two weeks before the Sept 6 full game release date. After downloading the demo, you can get an early start on your MyCAREER and test out the new in-game MyPLAYER archetype creation builder.

In the NBA 2K20 Demo, you can “try out multiple MyPLAYER configurations to create the player that best fits your play-style, which will be carried over to NBA 2K20 at launch on September 6th. The NBA 2K20 Demo will be available exclusively on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.”

NBA 2K20 Demo Info:

  • The demo is a console-exclusive item. That means you can only play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (please be aware: timing of the demo’s Switch version varies per territory)The demo is not available on PC.
  • Unlike in previous years, NBA 2K20’s demo does not feature a story mode for you to progress through. Instead, it lets you put together different player builds and then play through different games with them. The demo will cap out after a total of six games.
  • The previous point means there’s no MyCAREER data to carry over into the final version of NBA 2K20. However, any character builds you create in the demo will be available in final game, which you can then use to start a MyCAREER story with.
  • 2KU will be in the demo as well. You can practice different skills as well as a  full 5 on 5 scrimmage between the 2019 champion Toronto Raptrs vs the Golden State Warriors. 2KU is set to Rookie difficulty. Press the ‘back’ button to select from various tutorials.

Global release times for the NBA 2K20 demo:

  • US Pacific Time: 8 AM
  • US Mountain Time: 9 AM
  • US Central Time: 10 AM
  • US Eastern Time: 11 AM
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Time: 12 PM
  • UTC: 3 PM
  • Berlin, Germany Time: 5 PM
  • Moscow, Russia Time: 6 PM
  • Dubai, UAE Time: 7 PM

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