NBA 2K16 Gameplay Offense & Defense Hands-On Impressions


After playing NBA 2K16 at a recent 2K community feedback event, 2BG gives his hands-on impressions of the game, covering both offense and defense. He reiterates some of the things mentioned on the dev blogs, and more. Listed below are some of the highlights.

NBA 2K16 Hands-On Impressions – Defense:

  • Accurate risk/reward system. Game rewards you for good, smart defense, punishes bad defense.
  • New defensive meter is a big improvement. The feedback will help users a lot to discern various degrees of defense, feedback for how well they contested a shot, etc.
  • Improved on-ball defense
  • Improved pick and roll defense
  • Teams and players play like real life counterparts (i.e. Kawhi Leonard, good defensive teams will noticeably stand out, etc).

NBA 2K16 Hands-On Impressions – Offense:

  • New footplanting physics make a big difference, more realistic
  • Weight difference between players is more felt (i.e. difference between Marc Gasol and Steph Curry is palpable, etc.)
  • New ally-oop controls are more intuitive, frees up left hand
  • Users have the ability to choose from which side to run the pick and roll

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Via Two Brothers Gaming

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