1. LegendJLove is the name 2k is the game, putting all these gamers to shame!
    I let my game do the talking, I’m on YouTube and I ready for my come up now.

  2. I’ve been playing 2k since it launched on dreamcast back in 2000. I’ve always dominated on 2k and in proam specifically. I even play basketball im high school, college and semi pro. Although I didnt make it to the big leagues then, it would be a dream come true to play profesionally for nba 2k. Check me out on psn, youtube, twitch, instagram and twitter @Dat67Balla

  3. Im A Slasher Shot Creator i picked those skills in that order and I try to play all around play good defense rebound kick out i can be a playmaker if i need to be not for all the extra dribbling but to get my teammates open and give them their looks and i can score easily whenever I need to

  4. My gamer tag OTF Stuntman 7.Go on my you tube channel and check me out.True beast.Great play maker and scorer.My you tube channel is Brandon Evans or put in Otf Stuntman and my videos will pop up.

  5. YouTube my game play at YouTube Blaze TV ss3 98 sharpshooter I dropped 124 in pro am check it out give me a call at *****

  6. In pro am I’m the most underated sharpshooter I dropped 124 points in one game my YouTube is BLAZE TV Twitch skinnyblaze I can average up to 20 points on any given team I did it before please contact me at ***** I’m 23 years old I have high IQ for the game aswell