Does NBA 2K24 Have Early Access?

The question of whether NBA 2K24 will have early access or an early release date to download the game early has been floating around in the 2K Community. In this article, we answer that question and more for the highly anticipated game.

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What is Early Access?

“Early access” in gaming essentially just means a way for consumers to get a videogame early. It can also refer to other pre-release development cycles, such as a demo, beta, pre-alpha, and more. Some games offer early access as part of a pre-order bundle or for certain editions.

Does NBA 2K24 Have Early Access?

All pre-order bonuses have been announced and none of them include a perk of early access, so it’s safe to conclude we won’t be getting early access to NBA 2K24 for the general public. There have, however,  been some 2K influencers who got a chance to play the game early. There are also rumors of an upcoming 2K Community Day, were select content creators, influencers, and more are invited to test out the game early.

As far as an NBA 2K24 demo, the jury is still out though on whether there will be one this year.  No official announcements have been made that either confirm or deny whether there will be a demo for 2K24, but we’ll keep you updated on all the latest on that once more info is made available.

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