12 Proven Ways to Get Badges Fast in NBA 2K19

If you’ve played NBA 2K19 MyCAREER, then you know all too well that earning badges can be quite the grind. So here we have compiled a list of proven NBA 2K19 insider tips and methods which will help you speed up that grinding process for your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K19.

*Note: Badges available are dependent on the archetype — to see which archetype gets what, check out the NBA 2K19 MyPLAYER Builder.

1) Combine Badge Grinding

To speed up badge grinding, you should combine multiple badge efforts into the same possession. For example, you can grind for 3 badges at once by going for Pick & Roll Maestro (call for pick), Dimer (assists), and Lob City Passer (alley-oop passes). Another way is to combine grinding for offense and defense.  For example, you could focus on Pick Pocket > One Man Fast Break Badge > Relentless Finisher, etc. — you get the picture. Basically you should choose a natural and consecutive order of basketball actions that lead from one badge to another badge. This speeds up grinding in a major way.

2) Use the NBA 2K19 All-in-One Complete Badges Guide: Skill, Personality, HOF, Grand, and MyPARK Badges

Instead of blindly going after each badge, this all-in-one guide is a must-have for the NBA 2K baller, giving you the action/move requirements needed to get whatever badge you are trying to get. It includes all badges: Skill, Personality, and Hall of Fame Badges, and also comes with analysis for each badge if you click on the individual badge.

3) Go after “domino effect” badges first

You want to get badges first that will aid in getting future badges.  For example, it’s much easier to get Posterizer badge after you’ve gotten the Relentless Finisher badge.  Another one would be to go after Pick Pocket first, so that you can get steals easier, which will lead to more fast breaks and the One Man Fast Break Badge.

4) Increase the specific attributes that will help you get badges 

If you aren’t maxing your MyPLAYER out (within attribute caps) from the get go with VC, you’re going to want to specifically target the attribute upgrades that will help you get whatever badge you’re trying to get.

5) Use ‘Gatorade Boosts’

Gatorade boosts can be purchased with VC to give boosts to attributes and therefore help speed up badge grinding.  They may be the needed boost to get you over the hump for unlocking harder to get and elusive badges.

6) Put the difficulty on ‘Pro’ and do 12 minute quarters

Under ‘Settings’, change the difficulty to ‘Pro’ and the quarter length to ’12 minutes’.  This will make getting badges a lot easier and maximize the amount of time available to get badges.

7) Choose an NBA team that makes sense for your Badge grind (via free agency or request a trade)

The roster around your MyPLAYER matters to aid in getting badges.  For example, if you’re trying to get the Dimer Badge, you’re going to want to go to a team who will successfully convert assists – a team with finishers or offensive sharpshooters, like the Warriors.  If you’re trying to get badges related to offensive rebounding, you’re going to want to be on a team with bad shooters so that they miss a lot, etc.

8) Grind Badges in Bulk

This means to narrow your focus on specific badges by grinding in bulk.  For example, play a few games where you only focus on shooting badges or defensive badges, instead of spreading it out trying to get all badges all the time. Focusing on one or a few badges in bulk can be more efficient and can take less time to get the badge you are trying to get.

9) Use Every Mode to Grind Badges

Some badges are better to get vs the CPU, while others are more efficient to get in Pro-Am, Playground, or Team Practice / Drills.  For example, it makes more sense to get the Mid-range Deadeye Badge vs the CPU as opposed to online, since contested shots aren’t great shots to take. But if you have a bad CPU defender on a low difficulty, these shots might go in more. Another example is the One Man Fast Break Badge may be easier to achieve through MyPARK / Playground which generally has more fast break opportunities than 5vs5.

10) Sim the Schedule to Ideal Teams

Another trick is to simulate your MyCAREER schedule to play ideal teams and favorable matchups. For example, if your MyPLAYER is an inside Center and you’re trying to grind Putback King, it’d be a good idea to sim the schedule until you play a weak defensive rebounding opposing Center and team.

11) Have a Friend/Teammate Help Out

If you’re playing online, this can be a good option to have your online teammates help out each other with badge grinding. For example if your friend needs Lob City Passer and you need Lob City Finisher, this could be a mutually beneficial badge grind.

12) Hire a Badge Grinding Service

There are some legit badge grinding services out there on Twitter and/or websites who will do badge grinding for you for a fee.  If don’t have the time or patience to grind, this could be an option for you.

Hope these NBA 2K tips have helped you get badges faster, and as always, check back often for more NBA 2K19 strategy tips to help up your game!




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