Will NBA 2K23 on PC be Next-Gen / New-Gen? Nope

We answer some questions on whether NBA 2K23 on PC will be Next-Gen or not, and possible factors to why that is.

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Will NBA 2K23 on PC be Next-Gen / New-Gen?

Unfortunately, the answer has been confirmed as a “no” for NBA 2K23. NBA 2K23 Next-Gen will only be for Xbox Series X/S and PS5, so it looks like PC will have another year of a last-gen experience and graphics.

But… Why?

Traditionally, sports games have been more popular on console, while keyboard and mouse First Person Shooter games have thrived on PC. This is no different for NBA 2K on console, which has always been its bread and butter.

Another factor as to why, is that NBA 2K on PC has always been plagued by cheaters.

But for any players searching for pure, unadulterated competition with a level playing field, the environment that unregulated cheaters create on PC doesn’t bode well for good ‘ol fashioned fair competition. 2K has to know this, but it’s likely that 2K just simply has other priorities and doesn’t see the PC version as a high enough priority on the to-do list, or a high enough return on their investment. Last-gen port it is.

What Does 2K Say About It?

Under NBA 2K23’s FAQ page, 2K has this to say: “This is something the team is passionate about and will continue to investigate what is possible for the franchise in the future. For now, the focus was on assuring NBA 2K23 was optimized for the new consoles (PlayStation┬«5, Xbox Series X|S), while also making sure the experience remains fresh and innovative for players on other platforms.” So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

What’s Next for PC NBA 2K Players

Ultimately, it will be up to the PC players on NBA 2K on what platform to go with. Depending on what’s important to them, PC could be the appealing option because of the excellent 2K modding community, saving money on not having to buy a new machine for gaming, and other reasons. But with multiple years now of PC being a last-gen port, will PC players finally take the plunge and get the game on a new-gen console? Or is Cross Play (down the road) the solution that will finally bring the entire 2K Community together? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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