The Easiest and Quickest NBA 2K Badges to Unlock


The easiest and quickest NBA 2K16 badges to get are the badges that you the user can control the outcome of. For example, some badges only require that you ‘attempt’ a move or shot, so this puts the control in the users hands much more than other badges where you may need not just the attempt but the completion of a move, shot, rebound, etc. And if you can perform the move multiple times in one basketball possession – even quicker.

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Focusing on a few badges you want can be a good approach instead of trying to get every badge all at once. So here are a few badges that you could get quickly and with minimal effort if you grind it out:

Dribble Moves

Some of the easiest badges to get are the following dribble moves badges: Killer crossover, Spin Kingpin, Step Back Freeze, Behind the Back Pro, Hesitation Stunner, Master of In and Out, and Pet Move Size-up. If you perform all of these moves 75 times (per move) in a season, you’ll unlock the badge. And all it takes are different directional flicks of the right stick. Because you can pull off these moves multiple times per possession, unlocking the badges will go even quicker.

Flashy Passer
This one is super easy to unlock – just throw 40 flashy passes (Double Tap Circle/B) in a single season. This can be done several times per possession, so it should only take you one game, or even one quarter, to unlock this badge if you perform it every possession.

Brick Wall
Setting a screen (Press Circle/B) is one of the easiest things to do in the game, and you can do it multiple times per possession. The only drawback is the potential offensive foul from it, so pick your spots. To get the Brick Wall badge, set 100 “good screen” teammate grade events in a single season. Your strength attribute must be: PG = 70 SG = 75 SF/PF/C = 80

Lob City Passer
This is another badge where you can unlock it simply by attempting the move. To unlock ‘Lob City Passer’, throw 60 alley-oops (Double Tap Triangle/Y) in a single season.

Also to see the complete requirements for getting NBA 2K16 badges, check out the NBA 2K How to Unlock Badges Guide.

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