NBA 2K24 Team Practice Facility Ultimate Guide: Coach Drills List, Rewards, Tips, & More

The NBA 2K24 Team Practice Facility is a venue in the City where you can progress your Badges for your MyPLAYER by completing various drills. This is a good alternative method for earning those hard-to-get badges that you may not be activating during games as much as you’d like to. Read on for the full guide on the Team Practice Facility and drills (new-gen only).

Team Practice Facility Quest & Location

  1. While in the City, head to the Team Practice Facility, located west of the NBA arena
  2. Select ‘Choose Drills’ and select a drill to start. (You can also just shootaround and work on your game in the gym without doing drills).
  3. Complete the ‘Scheduled Team Practice’ Quest to receive GOAT Points as the reward

NBA 2K24 Team Practice Facility Drills & Rewards

Contact FinishingPosterizerFinishing
Euro FinishingTwo StepFinishing
Fatigued FinishingFloat Game, Slithery, ScooperFinishing
Layup TimingPro Touch
FloaterFloat GameFinishing
Hop FinishesBunnyFinishing
Putback FinishingAerial WizardFinishing
Quick DunksRise UpFinishing
Relentless FinishingFearless FinisherFinishing
Scoop FinishesScooperFinishing
Skill DunksPrecision DunkerFinishing
Spin FinishesSpin CycleFinishing
1-Minute 3PT ChallengeOpen LooksShooting
Beat The Pro: 15 FeetMiddy MagicianShooting
Close Out ShootingGuard UpShooting
Free Throw GolfWhistleShooting
KnockoutComeback KidShooting
Reading The ScreenSlippery Off-Ball, Spot FinderShooting
Shooting FrenzySpace CreatorShooting
Shot TimingGreen MachineShooting
Work On Your Game: Corner 3sClaymore, Corner SpecialistShooting
Dribble SpeedrunHandles For Days, Hyperdrive, UnpluckableBall Handling
Gauntlet Offense: WingSpeed BoosterBall Handling
Jab WorkTriple StrikeBall Handling
Killer Combos DrillKiller CombosBall Handling
Pick And Roll ComboSpecial DeliveryBall Handling
Rack AttackAnkle Breaker, Blow-ByBall Handling
Icon PassingDimer, Needle Threader, Relay Passer, Touch PasserPassing
Outlet PassingBreak StarterPassing
Gauntlet PickpocketWork HorseDefense
Gauntlet Rebound (With Marker)Boxout Beast, Rebound ChaserDefense
Protect The TinAnchor, Pogo StickDefense
Interceptor DrillInterceptor, Off-Ball PestDefense
Lock DownAnkle Braces, ChallengerDefense
Pick ReactionPick DodgerDefense
Attacking The MismatchMasherPost Offense
Block WorkFast Twitch, MasherPost Offense
Post Moves: 1-On-1Fast TwitchPost Offense

NBA 2K24 Drills Instructions & Controls


Team Practice Drills Tips & Info

  • 1 star: 300, 2 star: 600, 3 star: 1000
  • The best drills to do will usually depend on your MyPLAYER build and what its strengths are. For example, the Free Throw Golf would be an easy drill if your player has a high FT rating, but not if your build has a low rating, etc.
  • Try various drills out to find out the best ones for you
  • Drill availability may depend on your build
  • You can also practice the drill before making an official attempt
  • Aside from earning points, doing other drills can help with learning the mechanics of the game as well

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