NBA 2K24 Mascots: How to Unlock, Where to Buy, Cost, & More

Here is the full guide on NBA 2K24 mascots, including how to unlock mascots, where to buy mascots, how much a mascot costs, and more!

How to Unlock & Equip Mascots in NBA 2K24

To unlock mascots in NBA 2K24, you’ll need to hit Level 30 rep in Seasons Rewards (either by playing the game and/or upgrading the pass). This will unlock a specific season’s available mascots.

Where to Buy Mascots in NBA 2K24

  1. Head on over to the “Swag’s” store, which is near the “Beach” subway exit.
  2. Open the clothing menu and scroll to the Seasons section (e.g. “Season 1”)
  3. Here you can find and will be able to purchase the available mascots

How Much do Mascots Cost?

Mascots can be purchased for 100,000 VC

NBA 2K24 Mascots Gameplay

If you want to see some mascots gameplay, check out the video below:

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