NBA 2K24: How to Create ‘Brotha Jones’ Build

Here is the NBA 2K24 Community Build for content creator, Brotha Jones, and how to create it in NBA 2K24!

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Community Build: Brotha Jones

“The most feared build to go against in NBA 2K24. It can cover every position on the floor and WILL cause nightmares for ball handlers. Everyone MUST know where it is at ALL times and is a complete menace on the court. Make this build now and cause CHAOS to the opposition. We are finally, THE META.” – Brotha Jones

  • Position: SF
  • Archetype: Hybrid Lockdown Defender
  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 199 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6″
  • Added: Season 2
Close Shot 51
Driving Layup 70
Driving Dunk 82
Standing Dunk 40
Post Control 25
Mid-Range Shot 72
Three-Point Shot 78
Free-Throw 74
Pass Accuracy 77
Ball Handle 51
Speed With Ball 35
Interior Defense 86
Perimeter Defense 94
Steal 91
Block 94
Offensive Rebound 25
Defensive Rebound 60
Speed 83
Acceleration 77
Strength 74
Vertical 83
Stamina 99

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