NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Take a Charge

As one of the best ways to counter rim-runners, here’s a quick tutorial on how to effectively draw charges in NBA 2K23!

How to Take a Charge in NBA 2K23

  • When stationary, press B (Xbox) / Circle (PlayStation) to take a charge on defense

Attributes to Increase Charge Success Rate

  • Perimeter Defense
  • Speed

Best Badges to Increase Charge Success Rate

  • Clamps Badge

NBA 2K23 Drawing a Charge Gameplay Tips

  • Focus on drawing charges when the ball handler is using turbo and tends to go in one direction
  • Pay attention to ball handler tendencies – much of taking a charge is about before the charge actually happens. It’s about studying the opponent for several possessions, learning their tendencies, and then anticipating their movement. Once you’ve done that, use that info to try to “guess correctly” and put yourself in the charge stance by pressing B / circle in a spot where you think the ball handler is headed.
  • Pay attention to a player’s attributes (vs CPU) or likely attributes (if it’s online). Three-point shooters are more likely to go side to side on the perimeter, while slashers are more likely to rim-run and sprint towards the hoop. Use this observation to position your player in the right spot relative to where the player is most likely to go towards.
  • Make sure your player is stationary / set and out of the restricted area or it may end up being called a blocking foul
  • Upgrade defensive attributes

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