NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Activate Team Takeover

Check out this guide on Team Takeovers and how to activate it!

NBA 2K23 Team Takeover Explained

Takeovers are special abilities you can equip on your MyPLAYER that you can activate (by pressing in the Right Stick) during a game after building up your Takeover meters which gives a boost to a player’s ratings. For Team Takeovers in NBA 2K23, the feature was reconfigured to where all players can ‘catch fire’ at once and the entire team has their own unique Takeover activated simultaneously.

How to Activate Team Takeover in NBA 2K23

To activate a Team Takeover, the team can fill the Takeover meter up just by generally playing well — taking good shots, getting assists, making solid plays, etc. Takeover works as a cooperative team system with the entire team sharing a single meter. Each player on the team has an equal portion that they’re responsible for filling up by performing well on the court and being good teammates. Once each player has filled up their portion of the meter, Team Takeover automatically fires off for the entire team.

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