NBA 2K23 Team Practice Facility Guide: Coach Drills List, Tips, MyPOINTS Accelerator, & More

The Team Practice Facility is a venue in NBA 2K23 where you can unlock the MyPOINTS Accelerator boost of 5% by doing the quest, do practice drills and shootaround, as well as earn MyPOINTS and Badge Points for your MyPLAYER.

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Complete MyPOINTS Accelerator Quest

  1. After unlocking the “Welcome to the League” quest, the “MyPOINTS Accelerator” will appear
  2. Head to the Team Practice Facility, located west of the arena
  3. Go to the coach and select ‘Start Drills’ to begin
  4. Score 3-stars on 3 drills to unlock the MyPOINTS Accelerator
  5. You will now earn MyPOINTS at a 5% accelerated rate in all games

Team Practice Facility Location

Coach Drills


  • Relentless Finishing
  • Contact Finishing
  • Floater
  • Putback Finishing
  • Contested Finishing
  • Euro Finishing
  • Fatigued Finishing
  • Post Moves: 1-on-1


  • 1-Minute 3PT Challenge
  • 35
  • Agility Shooting
  • Contested Long Range
  • Contested Midrange
  • Floppy Loop Shooting
  • Free Throw Golf
  • Horse
  • Hot Zone
  • Knockout
  • Loop Shooting
  • Pick & Pop
  • Pin to Flare Shooting
  • Rip Through Shooting
  • Shooting Frenzy
  • Shot Timing
  • Work On Your Game: 3PT Deep
  • Work On Your Game: 3PT Top
  • Work On Your Game: Corner 3’s


  • Alley-Oop Passing
  • Icon Passing
  • Jab Work
  • Pick & Roll: 2-on-2
  • Pick & Roll Combo
  • Rack Attack
  • Advanced Jab Work
  • Dribble Speedrun
  • One Man


  • Gauntlet Rebounding
  • Help and Recover
  • Charge
  • Gauntlet Rebound (With Marker)
  • Pick Reaction
  • Lock Down
  • Protect The Tin
  • Two-Nine
  • Chase Down

Coach Drills Tips & Info

  • The higher the drill difficulty, the more points you earn
  • The best drills to do (a.k.a. earn high points but easy to do) will usually depend on your MyPLAYER build and what its strengths are. For example, the Free Throw Golf is an easy drill if your player has a high FT rating, etc.
  • Dribble Speedrun drill is a good drill for smalls with good speed and ball handling
  • Fatigued Finishing drill is fairly easy to pull off
  • Charge drill is fairly easy to pull off
  • Try various drills out to find out the best ones for you
  • Aside from earning points, doing other drills can help with learning the mechanics of the game as well

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