NBA 2K23 Shoes Database: List of Shoes, VC Prices, How to Equip, More

For all the sneakerheads out there, here is the NBA 2K23 Shoes Database that includes all the shoe styles in the game for the colorways category, the VC prices currently, how to equip your shoe, and more!

Shoe Store Locations

  1. In the City, find a subway entrance and fast travel to West Mall Station
  2. Go up the stairs to the main shopping plazas to locate the shoe stores

How to Equip Shoes

  1. Go to MyCAREER Menu > MyPLAYER > Appearance > Clothes
  2. Choose a mode to set your preferred shoes (The City, Pro-Am / Rec, On-Court)
  3. Scroll down to ‘Shoes’ to choose your shoe

NBA 2K23 Shoes Database









BrandShoePrice (VC)
NikeKyrie 32500 - 4500
NikeNike SB Dunk High9500
NikeNike Adapt BB 26500
NikeAir Force 1 High2000
NikeAir Foamposite Pro5000
NikeAir Max 2 CB 941500
NikeNike Air Max 909000
NikeNike Air Max 979000
NikeAir Foamposite One4000
NikeAir More Uptempo5000
NikeNike Air Vapor Max9000
NikeNike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 28000
NikeNike Air Zoom G.T. Jump8000
NikeNike Air Zoom G.T. Run8000
NikeKyrie Infinity8000
NikeKD 139000
NikeNike Blazer Mid7500
NikeFlight Bonafide8500
NikeZoom Freak 39000
NikeKD 159000
NikeKyrie 5 Low8000
NikePG 69000
NikeZoom Freak 49000
NikeHyperdunk X Low4000
NikeHyperdunk X High4000 - 4500
NikeKD 93000
NikeKD 105000
NikeKD 126500
NikeKD 115000 - 9000
NikeKobe XI Elite3000
NikeKobe 11 Elite 4.134500
NikeKobe A.D.5500
NikeKD 7 Aunt Pearl3500
NikeKyrie 11250
NikeKyrie 23000
NikeKyrie Low5000
NikeKyrie 45000 - 8000
NikeKyrie 4 Low7500
NikeKyrie 55500 - 7500
NikeKyrie 5 PE8500
NikeKyrie 5 All-Star12000
NikeKyrie 68500
NikeKyrie 79000
NikeLeBron Zoom Generation4000
NikeLeBron II4000
NikeLeBron III4000
NikeLeBron IV4000
NikeLeBron V4000
NikeLeBron VI4000
NikeLeBron VII4000 - 5000
NikeLeBron VIII4000
NikeLeBron IX4000
NikeLeBron X4000
NikeLeBron Solder 103000
NikeLeBron XIV4500
NikeLeBron 155000
NikeZoom Rise5500
NikeLeBron Soldier 136500
NikeLeBron 166000 - 9000
NikeKD 139000
NikeLeBron 189000
NikeLeBron 209000
NikeLeBron 199000
NikeLeBron Soldier 114000
NikePG 1 4500
NikePG 1 2K174500
NikePG25500 - 7000
NikePG 3 NASA9500
NikePG 36500
NikePG 48500
NikePG 59000 - 10000
NikePG 2.56000 - 9000
NikeZoom Freak 1 PE9000
NikeZoom Soldier 93000
JordanJordan CP3 137500
JordanCP3 X3000
JordanJumpman Pro4500
JordanJordan Why Not Zero.2 SE8000
JordanJordan CP3 125000
JordanMelo M133500
JordanAir Jordan Pro Quick4500
JordanSon of Mars4500
JordanJordan Why Not Zero.48000
JordanJordan Why Not Zero.25000 - 7000
JordanJordan Why Not Zero.14500
JordanJumpman Hustle5000
JordanMelo 1.57500
JordanJordan Zion 19000
JordanJordan Zoom Separate9000
JordanJordan Why Not Zero.59000
JordanJordan Zion 29000
Jordan Jordan Luka 19000
JordanAir Jordan 36 Low8000
Air JordanAir Jordan VI6000 - 6500
Air JordanAir Jordan VIII6000
Air JordanAir Jordan XII6000
Air JordanAir Jordan VII5000 - 6000
Air Jordan Air Jordan I5500 - 6500
Air JordanDon C Air Jordan II8000
Air JordanAir Jordan II6000
Air JordanAir Jordan II Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan III OG6000
Air JordanAir Jordan III6000 - 8500
Air JordanAir Jordan IV OG6000
Air JordanAir Jordan IV6000
Air JordanAir Jordan V OG6000
Air JordanAir Jordan V Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan V6000 - 7500
Air JordanAir Jordan VI OG6000
Air JordanAir Jordan VI Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan IX6000
Air JordanAir Jordan IX Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan X5000
Air JordanAir Jordan XI6000 - 7000
Air JordanAir Jordan XI Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XII Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XIII6000
Air JordanAir Jordan XIII Low Bred4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XIV6000
Air JordanAir Jordan XIV Low3000
Air JordanAir Jordan XV4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XVI4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XVII4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XVIII4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XIX4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XX4500
Air Jordan Air Jordan XXI4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XXII4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XXIII4500
Air JordanAir Jordan 20094500
Air Jordan Air Jordan 20104500
Air JordanAir Jordan 20114500
Air Jordan Air Jordan 20124500
Air Jordan Air Jordan XX84500
Air Jordan Air Jordan XX8 Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XX94500
Air JordanAir Jordan 29 Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXX4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXI4500
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXI Low4000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXII6000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXIII PE9000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXII Low6000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXIII5500 - 7000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXIV9000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXV7500
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXVII9000
Air JordanAir Jordan XXXVI9000
AdidasAdidas Pro Model 2G6000
AdidasCrazy 81250
AdidasCrazy BYW 25000
AdidasCrazy Light Boost Prime Knit1500
AdidasDame 55500 - 7500
AdidasDame 66500
AdidasDame 79000
AdidasAdidas Dame 88500
AdidasD Lillard 23000
AdidasD.O.N. Issue #18500
AdidasD.O.N. Issue #1 PE6500
AdidasD.O.N. Issue #29000
AdidasAdidas D.O.N. Issue #39000
AdidasD Rose 106500
AdidasAdidas Exhibit A8500
AdidasAdidas Forum Low8500
AdidasAdidas Rivalry High7500
AdidasAdidas Top 108500
AdidasAdidas Forum High8500
AdidasHarden Vol. 14500
AdidasHarden Vol. 48000
AdidasHarden Vol. 59000
AdidasHarden Vol. 68500
AdidasHarden Vol. 26000
AdidasHarden Vol. 36500 - 7500
AdidasAdidas N3XT L3V3L Future8500
AdidasAdidas N3XT L3V3L4000
AdidasAdidas Rose Son of Chi7500
AdidasT-Mac III2000
AdidasAdidas Trae Young 19000
Under ArmourUA Breakthrough 27000
Under ArmourCurry One1250
Under ArmourCurry Two1250
Under ArmourCurry 32500
Under ArmourCurry 45000 - 6500
Under ArmourCurry 4 Low4500
Under ArmourCurry 57500
Under ArmourCurry 66500 - 8500
Under ArmourCurry 88000
Under ArmourCurry 99000
Under ArmourUA Embiid 17500
Under ArmourUA Havoc 36000
Under ArmourUA Spawn 47000
PumaPuma X 2K Court Rider9000
PumaPuma Court Rider9000
PumaPuma Playmaker Pro Low6000
PumaPuma Playmaker Pro Mid6000
PumaPuma MB.019000
PumaPuma Rise Nitro8000
PumaPuma Clyde Hardwoo8000
PumaPuma Triple Threat High7500
PumaPuma Triple Threat Low7500
PumaPuma MB.029000
ConverseConverse All Star Pro BB High5000
ConverseConverse All Star Pro BB Low5000
ConverseConverse All Star Pro BB Evo6000
ConverseConverse Chuck Taylor High3000
ConverseConverse Chuck Taylor Low3000
ConverseConverse All Star BB Prototype CX8000
ConverseConverse Pro Leather Low8000
ConverseConverse Pro Leather2500
ConverseConverse All Star BB Shift8000
ConverseConverse Weapon2500
New BalanceNew Balance Two WXY 38500 - 11000
New BalanceNew Balance 3278500
New BalanceNew Balance Kawhi 27500
New BalanceNew Balance Kawhi7000
New BalanceNew Balance Omn1s4500
New BalanceNew Balance Two Wxy8500

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