NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Make Celebrity Face Creations / Face Scans for Your MyPLAYER

If you ever wanted to make your NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER with the face of a celebrity – rappers, NBA players, famous characters, and more – check out these celebrity face creation tutorials.

In the face scan videos, content creator 2KFACEPLUG provides digitally created 3D rendered faces of celebrities. The method to capture the celebrity face scan is essentially the same way as normal face scans in the game – by pointing your phone’s camera at a rotating face side to side to get different angles, using the MyNBA2K23 App face scan feature.

Check out a few notable celebrities that you can use for your face scan in NBA 2K23!

NBA / Basketball Players

LeBron James

Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant

Uncle Drew

The Professor

Rappers / Musicians


Post Malone



Barrack Obama

Joe Biden

Donald Trump

Movies & Actors

The Joker

The Rock

Bruce Lee



Check out @2KFACEPLUG for many more celebrity face scans!

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