NBA 2K23 Hot Zones Explained: How to Get & Check Hot Zones

NBA 2K23 Hot Zones Explained

“Hot Zones” in NBA 2K23 are sections or “zones” on the court that dynamically change based on how well your player shoots from particular spots on the court. Shooting from a Hot Zone reportedly provides about a 5% boost to your shooting attributes, while shooting from a “Cold Zone” will have a negative impact on your shot making likelihood.

The location of your shots on the court, as well as the quantity of makes per attempt in various spots, is something to pay attention to in order to dynamically create your own Hot Zones. Knowing and developing Hot Zones are one of the key components to becoming a lights out shooter in NBA 2K23.

Hot Zone Colors:

  • Red = Hot Zone
  • Gray = Neutral Zone
  • Blue = Cold Zone

How to Find Hot Zones

Method 1:

  1. Go to ‘MyCAREER’ menu
  2. Go to ‘Stats’ 2K Card
  3. Click the ‘Right Stick’ on your MyPLAYER
  4. Hit RT or LT (or R2/L2) until you see the ‘Hot Zones’ section

Method 2:

  1. While in the City, press Dpad Left to the ‘Squad Up’ section
  2. Select your MyPLAYER and hit ‘View 2K Card’
  3. Hit RT or LT (or R2/L2) until you see the ‘Hot Zones’ section

How to Get / Earn Hot Zones

Hot Zones factor in all MyPLAYER user-controlled game modes (i.e. Rec, Pro-Am, MyCAREER, and Park / City), which is an important thing to remember and to try to keep keep track of. Below are the field goal percentages to shoot at in order to unlock a Hot Zone. (note: numbers are based off of previous NBA 2K games).

How to Unlock a Hot Zone:

  • 60% in Paint area
  • 55% in Close Shot area
  • 50% in Mid-Range area
  • 40% in 3PT area
  • In your last 25-50 games (MyCAREER, Park, Rec, Pro-AM) with at least 10 shot attempts in each of those areas.

How to get rid of a Cold Zone:

  • Keep shooting in the various court areas and get the percentages up to reach the Hot Spot criteria mentioned before.
  • Wait 25-50 games and don’t shoot at all in that zone


There you have it! Hopefully these tips will help you get buckets in NBA 2K23!

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