NBA 2K23 Hands-On Gameplay Impressions: Dribbling, Shooting, Shot & Dunk Meter, Defense, More

The first, hands-on gameplay impressions of NBA 2K23 have been revealed from multiple sources who were lucky enough to play an early build of the game at an NBA 2K23 event.

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Here’s a rundown of what was discovered:


  • When you get a green in NBA 2K23, the green animation pops up with a little delay now
  • Jumpshot speed felt slower
  • Catch and shoot shots had a high success rate


  • There is a new Dunk Meter that looks like the new Shot Meter in NBA 2K23, but with a different button layout.
  • Post scoring seems to be OP and it’s very easy to green


  • Left stick dribbling felt OP


  • On ball defense got buffed and you get more bumps now
  • Close-outs on defense felt faster
  • Defense felt stronger
  • Chase down and normal blocks in the paint were toned now if you’re not an elite defender


  • Game speed feels slower than NBA 2K22
  • Overall the game feels a lot more realistic

Thanks for your feedback!