NBA 2K23 Affiliations Explained: How to Change/Switch Affiliations, Tips, & More

The City comes with four affiliations in NBA 2K23: Beasts of the Easts, South City Vipers, North Side Knights and Western Wildcats. In this guide we go over what Affiliations are, how to change affiliations, and more!

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NBA 2K23 Affiliations Explained

Affiliations in NBA 2K23 are a feature in The City that groups segments of players together in the same community of ballers. When starting out, players are randomly auto-assigned to one of the four Affiliations (mentioned ealier). Affiliations have their own unique logo, courts, purchasable apparel, and boroughs in The City. You’ll also get the most MyPLAYER rep benefit (20% boost) by playing on your own Affiliation’s courts.

How to Change Affiliations in NBA 2K23

  1. Fast Travel to the Affiliation you want to join (i.e. ‘Vipers Station’), you can find it on the map here.
  2. Head over to the ‘Transfer Here’ sign, located near the entrance
  3. Press A (Xbox) / X (Playstation) to put in an Affiliation Transfer Request. You may transfer the first week of the Season without penalty
  4. Then hit ‘Submit Transfer Request’ to confirm the change of Affiliation
  5. That’s it! Congrats, you are now the part of a new affiliation!
AffiliationFast Travel PointCity Area
Beasts of the EastBeasts StationSoutheast
South City VipersVipers StationSouthwest
Western WildcatsWildcats StationNorthwest
Northside KnightsKnights StationNortheast

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