NBA 2K19 Archetypes: What We Know So Far

NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang, aka @Beluba, has dropped some new NBA 2K19 archetype details, via twitter. We’ve organized them all here, check it out!

(We will continue to update this page as more info becomes available)

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  • Contact Dunk packages will now be 84 for Level 2 contacts and 85 for Level 3. There’s now a smalls dunk pack for PG/SG/SF that unlocks at 85. Bigs (PF/C) still unlock standing contacts at 75 standing, 50 driving.
  • 75 standing & 50 driving for standing contact dunks for bigs. Basically, the goal is to only have Slasher/Athletic Finisher builds able to contact dunk. This isn’t set in stone though.
  • 3 tiers based on ball control. Tier 1 = <70, Tier 2 = 70-85, Tier 3 = 86+
  • Max weight has been reduced from 340 lbs to 290 lbs.
  • Layup packages include: Default Small, Default Swing, Default Big, Circus, Dominant Big (this one is dope for bigs), Floater Specialist, Long Athlete, Unathletic Small, Crawford, Curry, Gervin, Harden, Irving, James, Jordan, Simmons, Westbrook.
  • Added triple threat “style” packages. Packages come with the stance, regular jab, quick jab, stepover and triple pump fake. Cool way to differentiate players pre-attack.
  • There will be progression bars in MyCAREER & MyPARK for multiple things
  • You can change clothes on the spot or while standing in MyPARK
  • Multiple games will be played in the China storyline of MYCAREER
  • Point Forwards (SF with primary pass & ball handling) are now able to call plays in MyCareer NBA games without the On Court Coach Badge (Same would go for SGs with primary pass & ball handling skill).
  • Open and Contested Mid-Range and Three are now affected by height for MyPlayers, where shooting is hit a bit harder at the tallest heights.
  • Positions have height caps
  • Minimum and maximum wingspans are now much longer (and more realistic) in MyCareer. A natural benefit, but watch out for the attribute hits.
  • Hot Zones are places on the court you’ve earned (for shooting well) that give you shooting boosts. Hot Zones are unique to each MyCareer mode. NBA, Park, Pro-Am, etc will not carry zones between one another. Prove yourself in each to earn zones.
  • Difficulty multiplier is back and more prominent
  • CAP is very robust this year. Lots of ways to customize hair and face sculpting has a lot of detail. Art team did a great job
  • There are contact reverse layups this year if you can position your defender on the weak side properly.
  • Near perfect releases are higher percentage than last year but not automatic. Timing is much less forgiving on higher difficulties and competitive modes.
  • Sail away long passes significantly cut down
  • It’s easier to finish at the rim in general if you’re not forcing the issue. Trailing defenders won’t affect you anymore.
  • A lot less shooting fouls on chasedown blocks
  • The boost you get for taking open shots is strong. Non shooting builds have tiny shot timing windows though so it’s usually a wash. If you’re really good with timing and are wide open you can be a threat.

Takeover Info

  • New ‘Takeover’ System: Each NBA 2K19 archetype have unique ways to exert their dominance during a game. (At this point we don’t know if it will be similar to 2K17’s “Grand Badge” concept). A “takeover” meter will fill up and unlock unique boosts to your archetype (i.e. Dimer boosts to a Playmaker archetype) . Once activated, you will see an ‘on fire’ badge underneath the player on the court, which means the player has unlocked a new tier of special animations and badges that align with their archetype.
  • Takeover boosts will probably be closer to +10 (primary ratings) and +5 (other ratings)
  • Takeover just applies to your primary arch until you reach 94 overall. At that point you get TO for both primary and secondary archs. If you’re a pure you stay hot longer at 94.
  • Takeover length depends on your overall rating. Bums can get it but it’s super short. significantly longer for good players.
  • You have the ability to use Takeover off rip. It’s not a badge, it’s tied to your arch. You just won’t have the full capabilities of your TO until you get your badges and ratings up.
  • When you’re in Takeover all your badges get a boost. The higher the badge level, the more you’ll feel it.
  • Pure builds will get a longer takeover once they hit 94 OVR
  • You build the Takeover meter to the activation threshold. When you’re ready to use it, click R3. If you decide to wait and miss a bad shot, get a foul, turnover, etc. you lose your progress and have to start over. If you’re a 94, both primary and secondary activate together.
  • Every archetype will build their Takeover fastest by doing what their arch is designed to do.
  • Generating good stats will build everyone’s takeovers eventually. Turnovers, bad shot selection, fouls, etc. take it down. But game events that fit your arch will build your meter the fastest.

Badge Info

  • You can see all of the potential badges when creating a player
  • You can level up and earn VC & badge progression in ‘The Prelude’ (release date is Aug 31 – free download)
  • Badges will be harder to get and it will take more time to unlock badges in NBA 2K19
  • Every archetype has been rebuilt from badges to attribute towers. Skill gap top priority
  • Most dual archetypes have at least 1 Hall of Fame badge, to clear things up. Almost 70% of them. Approximately half of them have more than 1.
  • Pure builds get more HOF badges
  • In comparison with 2K18, there is more of a difference in MyCareer between a PG & SG as well as a PF & C when it comes to badges in NBA 2K19. Each position stands out on it’s own, SGs and PFs more desirable than before.
  • Glue Hands badge is gone
  • Free Throw Ace is back, but not everyone can get Gold this time around. Sharps can get up to Hall of Fame, a few archetypes can’t get the badge at all .
  • Many badges have gone through some much-needed adjustments. Most notable: the Deadeyes (fire off more often), Ankle Breaker & Limitless Range (not quite as powerful), Defensive Stopper (stronger).
  • Here are 5 personality badges that will now be earned in games as opposed to being earned as prizes. Alpha Dog, Clutch Performer, Spark Plug, Microwave, Championship DNA are all earned based on how you play.


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Athletic Finishers

  • Mainly the same (as slashers) but they can clear guys out in the paint for dunks since it’s tougher for them to beat guys off the dribble.

Glass Cleaners

  • Glass Cleaners got a lot of love this year. One of my favorite additions is in Takeover they get a target on the floor showing where the ball’s gonna go on missed shots. Gives them a huge rebounding advantage.
  • They also get elbow clear outs after Off. boards prior to putbacks.
  • Archetype to see the biggest bump in attributes is the Glass Cleaner, where he’s no longer super one-dimensional (more defense, shooting and athleticism).

Lockdown Defenders

  • Locks will be able to stonewall ball handlers more frequently than most other archs. Pure locks can have a dramatic impact. You have to work really hard to score against a good one.
  • Can cancel offensive badges and Takeover skills.
  • They can also knock the ball free when colliding with receivers.
  • Added slap floor and other similar animations for LDD’s
  • Defensive builds will not ruin the offensive spacing as much
  • Lockdown Defenders got quite a bit of love. A bit more offense & 7 Hall of Fame defensive badges.

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  • Playmakers are the only ones who can put someone on their back with an ankle breaker.
  • They also get boosts to their shot after breaking someone off the dribble and an extra dimer-like buff to their teammates.

Post Scorers

  • Post scorers get a lot in Takeover. Power back downs, clearouts, and spin/drive content unique to their arch. Boosted hooks, fades, shimmys. @CHoops4Life hooked you up this year.
  • Biggest jump in badges = Post Scorer, with a much improved mid-range game (Difficult Shots, Tear Dropper, etc).
  • Pure Post Scorers = 5 HOF Badges PF or C, 4 HOF Badges at SF

Rim Protectors

  • Paint protectors get exclusive block content, snatch/grab blocks and smash shot %s on good contests.
  • They also cancel offensive Takeover skills when they’re hot. Eg. You can’t clear out a hot Rim Protector.
  • Defensive builds will not ruin the offensive spacing as much

Sharpshooters/Stretch Bigs

  • Takeover modifies shot windows for shooting builds to make it easier to hit perfect timing. It also boosts (or unlocks) the full potential of the shooting badges. For example w/ Limitless, only Sharps in TO can bomb from Curry range with any effectiveness.
  • Timing is much tougher. And if you get a defender nearby, you can expect to see a lot of bricks. But a pure sharp in Takeover left wide open with good timing is going to hurt a lot of teams.
  • Sharps are the only builds who get the “green animations” (ie. the showboat shot landings).
  • A 6’11 / 7’0 pure stretch is fine. Hits quite a bit harder when taller than that. Totally possible to be a Dirk/Gasol.

Shot Creators

  • Shot Creators get a boost when shooting advanced jumpers like spin and stepback shots.
  • Can also break ankles with stepback jumpers when in Takeover.
  • Have an efficient 3 pt rating depending on your arch selection


  • Slashers get a big boost when using euro, cradle, hop step, and spin lays and boosted contact shots in Takeover.
  • Dunkers unlock special contact dunks that no one else can get.


[UPDATED: 8/29/18]


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