NBA 2K15 MyCAREER: “Coaching 101” and “Coach Satisfaction”

New to NBA 2K15 is a feature called “Coaching 101”, which enables you to learn NBA basketball strategies and what your coach wants out of you and your team in MyCAREER.

In the video, we see the animated coach go over strategy, mismatches, points of emphasis, and even show in-game film of NBA 2K15 gameplay to illustrate his points. “Coaching 101 can happen before a game, at halftime, or at anytime the coach wants to change the gameplan”.

Also new is a “Coach Satisfaction” rating which is affected by your my player’s performance on the court. This isn’t some empty rating, coaching satisfaction is a crucial element to your my player — if this rating gets too low, your my player can get traded away. How cool is that?

Via Chris Smoove