How to Unlock & Equip the Lego 2K Drive Go Kart in NBA 2K23

If you’re wondering how to unlock the LEGO 2K Drive Go-Kart in NBA 2K23, look no further! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to unlock the vehicle in the game to drive around in The City. The kart is available via Locker Code.

  1. At the MyCAREER menu, scroll to Options/Quit
  2. Select Locker Codes, then enter this locker code: “LEGO-2K-DRIVE” to unlock the kart
  3. To equip the kart, go to MyPLAYER > Appearance > Equipment
  4. Select Four Wheels and equip the Lego 2K Drive Go-Kart
  5. To activate the kart in The City, press LB (Xbox) / L1 (Playstation), then choose the kart icon with the Right Stick.

That’s it, enjoy your new ride!

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