How to to Grind Rails in NBA 2K23

Some Quests in NBA 2K23 require grinding rails in order to complete a challenge. Here’s the ultimate guide for how to grind rails in NBA 2K23, including how to equip your skateboard, best grind locations, grind Quests, and more!

Best Grind Location in NBA 2K23

The best location to grind the rails on your skateboard are the rails around the Gatorade Gym.

How to Equip Skateboard in NBA 2K23

  1. First, equip the skateboard under the MyCAREER menu > MyPLAYER > Appearance > Equipment > Board
  2. To use the skateboard in The City, hold LB / L1 and select ‘Skateboard’ with the Right Stick

How to Grind Rails in NBA 2K23

  1. After locating a rail, line up the nose of the skateboard up with the rail diagonally and then hit A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation) to ollie onto the rail and start railing the grind.
  2. Once completing that, your MyPLAYER will grind the rails automatically.

NBA 2K23 Grinding Rails in Quests

Learning how to grind rails will come in handy for a couple NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Quests (see below), where you have to grind the rails on your skateboard as part of the Quest.


Tina and Lance are the most popular skaters in the City. Earn their respect and they’ll let you appear in one of their videos.


  • Go meet Tina and Lance in the business district
  • Beat the target time – 1:10
  • 5 – Rails Grinded on Skateboard
  • 100 – Distance Grinded on Skateboard
  • 5 – Skateboard Tricks
  • Nice job on the tricks. Talk to Tina and Lance to see what’s next
  • Head to the suggested spots and take 3 photos
  • Setup the tripod in front of the tree planter
  • Do some tricks in front of the Tripod!
  • Setup the tripod in front of the wall statue
  • Setup the tripod in front of the Allen Iverson
  • Go talk to Tina and Lance


  • +15,000 MVP Points
  • +25 Free Spirit
  • +25 Flashy

Side > Endorsement


Ashley is working with the Editor-in-Chief at SI Kids and thinks she can get you a cover story. Meet her goals and the cover is all yours!


  • Talk to Ashley at One City Plaza
  • 25 – Rails Grinded on Skateboard
  • 1000 – Distance Grinded on Skateboard
  • 50 – Skateboard Tricks


  • +2,500 MVP Points
  • +25 NBA
  • +10,000 Fans
  • SI Kids Cover

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