Could This be the Next Evolution of NBA 2K Badges? (20 New Badges)

First we had Signature Skills, then, Skill Badges, Personality Badges, and Park Badges. Could the next stage in the evolution of NBA 2K Badges be online dynamic “PLAYSTYLE BADGES” for your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K?

NBA 2K Badges have always strived to differentiate players and give players their own unique MyPLAYER. But where it’s fallen short is letting the 2K Community see exactly how the person behind the controller plays the game and what their user tendencies are – positive or negative. Enter, dynamic “Playstyle Badges” — a fluid and dynamic badge system that would be 100% dependent on how someone actually likes to play the game.

Here’s how it would work:

Playstyle Badges would be calculated dynamically by the user’s play style, taking advantage of advanced stats and data analytics to quantify the user’s gameplay style and tendencies. So you know that player in The Rec who likes to ball hog and jack up a ton of heavily contested shots, just to quit out in the 2nd quarter? Good news, there’d be dynamic Playstyle Badges for those too! At the same time, some players like to play with volume shooters to carry the offense, so a ‘Ball Hog Badge’ wouldn’t automatically be a negative thing – it would depend on the teammate and what they’re looking for in a player. The ultimate goal of Playstyle Badges would be to help players decide at a glance what type of players they want to run with.

Among other factors, one of the key things that would differentiate Playstyle Badges from regular Skill Badges is that in most cases, badges would dynamically fluctuate — meaning a badge could be earned or lost, depending on playstyle. So at any given moment, the badge(s) would accurately reflect how someone is playing at that particular stretch of time. For example, a player could earn the “Brick Badge” by shooting 30% or under, but then graduate to the “Splash Badge” if they raise their shooting percentage to over 60%.

How (or if) Playstyle Badges would affect gameplay, or your MyPLAYER, is something that could be debated on. The effect could be non-existent (where its value is having an indicator of someone’s playstyle), or it could also give slight boosts or deficits to attributes or to skill badges, depending on the particular badge and depending on how it would affect gameplay balance.

Badges could be displayed on each MyPLAYER’s banner and/or on their 2K Player Card, and it would also differentiate between builds and game modes – since player archetype or mode could make a big difference on how someone plays. There could also be an option to hide the badges during more competitive modes like Pro Am, if needed, so that it’s not giving away too many scouting report details.

Check out the Badges below and general ways (i.e. minimum 50 games) on how they could be unlocked!


Playstyle Badges (Positive)

Dish The Rock Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently find the open man, get assists, low turnovers

Dunk Machine Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently get contact dunks

High IQ Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently have a good shot selection, good court vision, make good reads on offense and defense, and make various high basketball IQ decisions on the court.

IsoGawd Badge

  • How to Get it: Make positive plays for your self and team out of isolation

Snag King Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently grab a lot of rebounds and make hustle plays

Splash Badge

  • How to Get it: Shoot over 60% from the perimeter

Sweat Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently have 80% or better Win Percentage

Tenacious D Badge

  • How to Get it: Get excellent defensive stats and accolades

Triple Double Machine Badge

  • How to Get it: Get 50 triple-doubles

Walking Bucket Badge

  • How to Get it: Have a field goal percentage over 70%


Playstyle Badges (Negative)

Air Ball Badge

  • How to Get it: Shoot multiple air balls in a game for 10 games

Ballhog Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently not pass

Brick Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently shoot less than 30%

Buddy Baller Badge

  • How to Get it: Only pass to players in your squad

Cone Badge

  • How to Get it: Spot up all game (usually in the corner) and don’t move from that spot on offense.

Limited Brain Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently have a poor shot selection, poor court vision, and make various low basketball IQ decisions on the court.

Paint Clogger Badge

  • How to Get it: Multiple ‘3 seconds in the key’ calls, camp in paint 90% of possessions

Rage Quitter Badge

  • How to Get it: Rage quit for 50 games

Sell Badge

  • How to Get it: Get a D or F grade for 50 games

Spammer Badge

  • How to Get it: Consistently spam buttons (steal, screens, dribble animations)

There you have it! Let us know in the 2K Community what your favorite badge is!


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