This is Why Rasheed Wallace is Not in the NBA 2K Series

Many 2K gamers have asked the question, “Why is Rasheed Wallace not in NBA 2K?” Recently on the Gil’s Arena Show, ‘Sheed has broken his silence and revealed why he is not in the game. He sums it up in a three letter acronym, “C-T-C” (Cut the Check).

Watch the video below for the full explanation. (NSFW language):

Through their licensing agreement with the NBA, 2K Sports is able to put player likenesses of all active players, but have to pay separately for retired players and legends. Along with NBA legends like Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley, the reason for Rasheed’s likeness not being in 2K comes down to money.

“You’re not gonna give me $10,000 for sh*t that you make a minimum $500 million in three-four months,” said Wallace. With that, he does have a point – and “ball don’t lie!”

Hopefully, Rasheed and 2K can come to some type of agreement before the launch of NBA 2K25, to the benefit of the fans.

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