The State of NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: Trophy Cases, Grinds, & ‘Shades Of’

MyTEAM is in a divided state heading into the fourth weekend of content since launch. RNG, time consuming grinds, and a new way to release content gives much to discuss.

Trophy Cases

Heading into the launch of NBA 2K23, content creators and community members were hyped up for the brand-new concept called the Trophy Case. To start, people could get their first trophy case Pink Diamond card in one weekend.

Each Trophy Case Pink Diamond can be earned by completing a mode for a centerpiece, playing the game for exchange cards (also earned through RNG Trophy Packs, the only other way to earn those trophies when 2K did not have an active way to earn an exchange for them), completing agendas, leveling up, and locking in a series one card. 2K released into the token market 9 of the RNG/exchange cards so people could purchase the trophies and play the game to quickly earn their first Pink Diamond.

Since then, the token market has not seen a new update of trophies, and 2K has been lack-luster in releasing exchange trophies.

Recently, 2K has released more exchanges, allowing more players to earn trophies they needed. Some players have four Trophy Cases complete, while others only have one, or none if they did not play the first weekend.

Most players are close to many complete Trophy Cases (12-14/15), which is causing impatience and frustration within the community.

Grind Length and Quality of the Reward

2K has released the new Takeover card, replacing reward cards found in RNG areas such as vaults, wheel spins, and TTO boards, with cards that you can earn the classic RNG route, or earn by completing agendas. The MyTEAM community was hyped for this, a way to earn a card without relying on chance for a player you really want.

What the community did not expect, were the extremely time-consuming grinds that came with this alternative method of obtaining cards.

You have to win 35 Clutch Time games, 35 Triple Threat games, 25 Triple Threat Online games, 25 Clutch Time Online games, and 15 Unlimited games to receive the card released every Friday. You have to complete a set of agendas to earn the card released every Tuesday.

The agendas for the first Tuesday card, Diamond Donovan Mitchell, were reasonable while being a bit time-consuming. The following week, 2K released an extremely long grind for Diamond Elgin Baylor. The community was split into two sides: one supporting the long grinds, the other heavily against it.

The side aiming for the long grinds argued that the best cards in the game should be a longer grind and not handed out. While valid, the other side argued that most players don’t have all the time in the world to grind a video game, as they have school and work to attend for much of every day.

2K’s response was a shorter grind a week later with Diamond Deron Williams, yet a significantly worse card than the weeks prior. The grind has stayed the same week after week with the Friday Takeover cards.

‘Shades Of’ Packs

New this year in MyTEAM, Tuesday content is met with a new form of content. As explained in a past article, you can pull or select (with 15,000 VC each) 3 Sapphire rookie cards, evo them up to a Diamond, and the Original Owner versions of those cards being evolved earns you a Pink Diamond Cade Cunningham at the end of the season.

Many people view this as putting a Pink Diamond Cade behind a money wall, which is true. Not everyone has money to spend every week for a card on top of playing to evolve them, and many people in certain countries cannot even access the pack market or buy VC.

With all of that to the side, making the best cards in the game cheaper evo’s that are exciting rookies, along with elite counterparts as Amethyst, Diamond, and Pink Diamond players, is an extreme improvement from last year’s Tuesday drops. Remember, you can always buy the Sapphire versions and evo them yourself, you just do not receive progress towards the Cade Cunningham lifetime agenda.

Content creators and casual players alike agree that Tuesdays are the most hyped and anticipated drop so far in this 2K cycle and hope to see this continue (with improvement) going forward.

Closing Thoughts

It is way too soon to tell whether this will be an all time great MyTEAM. A lot can change, for better or for worse, throughout the 2K23 cycle. Hopefully 2K can learn from the mistakes and successes of season one and implement changes appropriately. I find the Trophy Case RNG situation annoying, as I am trying to complete multiple but cannot due to the RNG aspect. I feel indifferent about the grinds. Long or short, if I want the card and he is good enough (or a Piston), I will get the card. As for the Shades of packs, they bring a unique and anticipated approach to Tuesdays, which is a good thing in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM.

Article contributed by Anthony Schulte

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