The Great Paul George Holiday Heist in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM

Christmas is known as the season of giving. However, 2K is known for their ability to purloin on the Noel. Years ago, 2K gave out a free Pink Diamond LeBron James. This card is known infamously for 2K wiping it from all accounts on Christmas. This year, 2K committed the same monstrosity.

The “Deal of the Day” is a new feature in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM. In the new Player Market, you can see a card 2K has specially discounted each day. This resets and updates every day at 3AM EST (12AM PST). In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, 2K discounted Diamond Paul George to 30K MTP. There was a catch, though.

Some folks in the MyTEAM community noticed an obvious mistake, George could be quick sold for 57k MTP. That meant you could keep buying and quick selling George to make millions of MTP. And millions could be an understatement for some folks.

This is an exploit that meant, if you knew about it and were still up, you could have the best cards in the game and then some millions of MT left over for later releases. A nightmare for 2K, but a blessing to gamers.

After four hours, 2K finally changed the deal of the day to the proper price of 72K MTP, effectively ending the legend that is Diamond Paul George. Even with the price update, the repercussions of that mistake by 2K still lived.

2K has yet to release a statement, but they have rolled out some account bans and wiped all MTP made from this exploit. More is likely to come on this matter, so stay tuned to NBA 2KW and the official NBA 2K MyTEAM account on X for more information in the future.

Article contributed by Anthony Schulte

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