Player Profile & Interview w/NBA 2K League #Top150 Draft Prospect, Kingsley “CROWNED KING” Braggs

Name: Kingsley Braggs
Gamertag: CR0WNED_KiNG300 (PS4)
Age: 25
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Positions / Archetypes: PF Shot Creating Sharpshooter 6’11, PF Shot Creating Athletic Finisher 6’11, SG Lockdown Defender 6’8
Twitter: @Crowned_King2K

NBA 2KW recently got the chance to catch up with Kingsley, read below for the full interview!

Can you tell us a little about your background, how you got into competitive esports and the 2K League in particular?

I’m 25 year old professional NBA 2K player. I was born in New York City and presently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently work in Operations Management at food delivery service app, GrubHub.

I’ve been involved in the competitive 2K community for over 3 years. In addition to playing in competitive Pro-AM leagues, MPBA and WR, I was also works behind the scenes as an Analyst and Brand Ambassador for scouting organization, NAPX. I am currently competing with Pro-Am team, Born To Win in MPBA, with fellow top 150 player, Jaaakob_NA. I currently average 17.6 PPG on a highly efficient 66.7 FG%. My ability to score is truly unique, not only can I score in the flow of the offense; but, I’m also dangerous when isolating the floor and navigating through tight spaces on the court.

Hailed as one of the top forwards in the game, I’m a versatile, team-first player whose dedication and hard work put me in the line to excel at any position. After a successful Season 1 combine, I came back for an even better Season 2 combine, where I reached Season 2’s Final 150 player pool and averaged almost 25 PPG.

What archetype(s) are you rockin’ with in NBA 2K19?

I believe versatility is one of my greatest strengths. Throughout year I’ve spent time on a few different builds depending on team need to familiarize myself with as many new playing styles a I could. I was pretty impressed this year with the Pure Lock and Shot Creating Stretch builds. The lock is a force on the defensive sign; while, being more than serviceable enough on the offensive end as well. The stretch can hurt you on the inside and outside this year. Also, the stretch is capable of guarding a variety of positions.

What approach did you take towards NBA 2KL Combine qualifications, and what archetype(s)did you choose?

This year I changed my whole mindset towards the combine. Last year, I was so invested on making the league, I let everything outside of my control affect me. Every miss, every troll I encountered, just dictated my attitude and play in the game. This year I made sure to focus and pay attention and value the right things. In this combine, I just went in with so much positivity and just stuck with it no matter what I encountered. I tried to communicate and do all the little things right in each game. Then, the next thing I knew, I was looking at some fantastic numbers that really was a true depiction of my unique game.

In the combine this year, I focused on the PF with the Sharp Athletic Finisher build and the Two-Way Sharpshooting, Build. During last year’s combine, I played the Center and SG; but, this year I wanted to switch it up and pursue the forward spot which is where I believe I’m at my strongest.

What was it like getting that notification of being in the Top 150 from the combine, and what are you most looking forward to about the league if drafted?

The moment was absolutely surreal. I cried so many tears of joy and just yelled at the top of my lungs “I told you so!” So many people close to me told me this was an unrealistic career and that I was wasting my time that I almost questioned myself. However, when I finally got that email it just confirmed to me that I was right to make the sacrifices that I did and to go all in for this league. I’m looking forward to being able to make a difference in the league this year and be a reminder and motivation for others to not give up on their dreams. The emotional and physical toll that this took on me was so overbearing and I know there are guys younger than me facing the same battles. I hope to be a part of this league and have the unique outlet to tell everybody to “Never give up.” I want to share the message to be your biggest believer, no matter what you’re doing just spread positivity and be yourself. With that said, I can’t wait to hopefully have the opportunity to step foot on that stage every week and show people I’m here to stay!

What are some noteworthy experiences you’ve had so far and favorite NBA 2K memory?

I’ve been playing “comp” Pro-Am for years and actually owned a top team in 2K18 playing alongside Season 1 Bucks Gaming player, @XXSTL2LAXX. We made a pact 3 years ago that we saw the potential in gaming and that we were going to strive to build a brand and become professionals.

Outside of gameplay, there area few things I could bring up here. I think this year was my favorite being involved in this 2K community because it reminded me why I love this game and the people that I’ve met because of it. This past year was one of the toughest years that I have ever experienced and it was such a journey to even be able to get back on the game let alone be given the opportunity to potentially be drafted. My teammates and competitors motivated me and pushed me to get back to the game I love.

When you’re not playing 2K, what are some of your hobbies or any other games you play?

I’ve played sports my entire life and I have also spent time coaching youth sports. I also am a brand ambassador/analyst so I have actually worked with organizations in the 2K community in the past, including NAPX &. I love music as well, so I spend a lot of time going to concerts and live shows.

How would you describe yourself as a teammate and your play style, and which NBA player (current or past) would you compare your game to?

My teammates call me a Draymond Green/Blake Griffin hybrid. I think that speaks to my playstyle as I play the 4 spot and also can guard multiple positions. In addition to the defensive ability, I am a terrific wing scorer who is able to handle the ball when needed to as well. I think my mentality matches Draymond as I work hard on defense because I believe that is what opens up the game for your team. I firmly believe in locking in and causing havoc for a team’s offensive scheme. Remember, Defense wins championships.

Do you have a favorite NBA team and do you have a preference of what team you want to get drafted by?

Really, at this time since Kobe retired, I’m just a fan of the game. I just watch professional and college ball non-stop as I’m really just a fan of the game. It would be a blessing to be selected by any organization in the draft as I’m ready to come in and give everything I have to the organization who believes in me.

I want the team that selects me to know the guy they are selecting. I pride myself on brotherhood, hard-work, and dedication. It may sound cliché; but, I’m going to give every piece of effort that I have into getting better and working with my teammates toward winning a 2K League championship. I don’t plan on coming in for a year and saying oh well at least you made it. I want to be a champion and become a household name of the 2K League.

A big thanks to Kingsley for doing the interview, and be sure to follow him on social media!

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