NBA 2K Community Spotlight: DF Clan

Today’s NBA 2K Community Spotlight features the DF Clan! DF, which stands for “Dedicated Forever,” is a clan founded by Power DF in the NBA 2K community that is dedicated to content creation and achieving their goals together as one team, and that has amassed over 4 million total subscribers across YouTube. We recently caught up with Power, and his thoughts on the DF Clan, expansion goals, and more. Check it out!

NBA 2K Community Spotlight: DF Clan

DF Clan Roster

  • Power DF @PowerGotNow (Leader)
  • Drew DF @Postdrew2k (Co-Leader)
  • Reign DF @ReignBionic (Captain, Lead Designer)
  • Alt DF @Alt2kk (Officer)
  • Scorer DF @Scor3r (Officer)
  • Cyclo DF @Cyclo_2K (Honorary Member)
  • Raes DF @RaesReport (Honorary Member)
  • Ashbridge DF @Ashbridge__
  • CancelClutch DF @CancelClutch
  • Cashout DF @AntiCashout
  • Chef DF @AyyChef
  • Chanz DF @Chanzsy
  • Eckers DF @EckersYT
  • Exo DF @yoexo_
  • Glxss DF @Glxss2k
  • Gwoovi DF @gwoovi
  • Irxsh DF @irxsh2k_
  • Isaac DF @v556Isaac
  • Jakob DF @xjakobs
  • Jayxce DF @Jayxce
  • King Jordan DF @KingJordan2k
  • Legacy DF @LegacyVlogsss
  • Magiic DF @Magiic6ix
  • Mxlli DF @MxlliOnTwitch
  • NoHeart DF @llNoHeart
  • Remarks DF @FLLSAVE
  • xoSplash DF @xosplash_
  • Sxpreme DF @Sxpremium
  • Slofh DF @Slofhk
  • Slump DF @Slumpicide
  • Tracker DF @TrackerDzns
  • TrulyHuncho DF @TruIyHuncho
  • Twoo DF @Twoo06

NBA 2K Community Spotlight Q&A:

Read below for the full Q&A!

2KW: First off, thanks for joining us on this NBA 2K Community Spotlight! Can you tell us a little about DF and what it represents?

DF Clan: I’m Power DF, the founder of DF. We started this clan back in 2018 during a dry spell in the 2K community. DF is built on the foundation of finding like-minded individuals who are not just passionate about gaming, but also carry positive goals and aspirations. Our core belief is in the power of teamwork and collective effort. We see DF as more than just a clan; it’s a business and a pipeline that helps members realize their potential, in gaming and beyond.

2KW: Why did you start DF?

DF Clan: DF began out of a need to bring together individuals who weren’t just skilled in 2K but who shared a broader vision. It was about creating a space where creativity, ambition, and personal growth were the driving forces. We wanted to break the mold and build a community that transcends the typical gaming clan stereotype.

2KW: Does DF focus solely on the NBA 2K series?

DF Clan: While NBA 2K is where we started, DF isn’t confined to just one game. We recognize that our members have diverse gaming interests, and we support that. What matters more is the attitude and drive our members bring, regardless of the game they play.

2KW: How can players join DF?

DF Clan: Joining DF is a unique process. We don’t rely on standard tryouts or applications; it’s about how well you fit into our culture and what you can contribute. We’re looking for individuals who are not only committed to their personal growth but can also enhance the DF experience. It’s about being a team player and sharing our vision of collective achievement.

2KW: What are your long-term goals for DF?

DF Clan: Our vision for DF is expansive. We’re not just building a clan; we’re creating a legitimate business and a support system that helps each member explore and achieve their full potential. The goal is to harness the power of our team, pushing each other to greater heights and making a tangible positive impact in the gaming community and the content creation landscape.

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A big thanks to Power DF and the DF Clan for being apart of NBA 2K Community Spotlight, and be sure to follow the DF Clan on all their socials!

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