Player Profile & Interview w/NBA 2K League Top 150 Prospect Derrion Elmore aka ‘Rondo’


Name: Derrion A. Elmore
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Age: 22
Gamertag: x L Kno Rondo / Fatal Relapze
Console: Xbox One
Pro-Am Team(s): TheOnlyClan2K, KissMyTimbs, GotNext, All-In
2KL Combine Build: SG, Offensive Threat
Jumpshot: Jumpshot 98
Twitter: @FMB_Rondo

NBA 2KW recently talked with NBA 2K League Top 150 Draft Prospect Derrion Elmore, aka ‘Rondo’ and his journey to the draft, how various teammates helped him evolve his game, and more.

Read below for the full Q&A:

2KW:  Can you tell us a little about your background, how you got into NBA 2K, esports, and the NBA 2K League in particular?

I first got into 2K by just playing with my brothers and pops for fun back when 2K10 came out. I eventually realized my love for the game around 2K15 and have been playing it everyday, if not every other day.

2KW: What approach did you take towards NBA 2KL Combine qualifications, and what was the archetype(s) you went with?

I approached the Combine with a lot of confidence. I started 2K20 playing with other top prospect Choc almost everyday for the first month of the game. I then moved to the Pro-Am scene a lot more and began playing with KMT when ShiftyKaii wasn’t able to get online. Playing with KMT helped elevate my game as I learned some great things from the 2k League PG, “CB13” which made me better. In the 2KL Combine, I went with the Shooting Guard Offensive Threat.

2KW: How would you describe your play style?

I would describe my play style as “Silent but deadly” up until a couple days ago, I haven’t been a big dribbler but I’ve learned how to string together moves to get myself open On and Off ball. I would have to say my game is close to Jamal Crawford. Whether I’m starter or a sixth man, I can come in and make immediate impact and always giving 110%.

2KW: Who’s your favorite NBA team? NBA player?

My Favorite NBA Team is the Boston Celtics. I’ve been a fan since 07-08 year. That was when the Celtics entered the BIG 3 Era.

My favorite NBA Player would have to be Rondo. He does the little things and the intangibles. He may not have good stat sheet games; but, the way he can controls an offense without having the ball in his hand is amazing to me. He’s definitely the leader and a personality that you’ll want for any team. I’ve learned a lot watching him.

2KW: Why should a team draft you?

A 2KL Team should draft me because of my work ethic, loyalty and personality on and off the court. There is actually a story behind my work ethic and loyalty. Back in 2K18, I met a guy named Glennratty and he had his Pro-Am team called “The Goods.” We went on to Final 4 in a WR season and the rest is history. Glenn is the type of guy that holds you accountable for anything you do, so we were watching film one morning and he told me “Rondo you gotta learn how to shoot or you won’t take that extra step”. Fast forward to now, I personally believe my shooting and defense has significantly improved which helped me in being the player I am today. I’ll forever be grateful to someone that I call my Brother for opportunity.

2KW: What are your greatest strengths?

My greatest strengths are accountability and attitude. Nobody wants to play with someone who doesn’t want to take the weight for their actions. If, lets say, DayFri tells you something and you respond with an attitude or pointing fingers when it was obviously your mistake, that goes a lot further than just that minute. That right there can break a team’s chemistry as you need to be able to take criticism from teammates to grow. My Attitude is another strength of mine. I don’t take losses, I take lessons and I treat it as such. Win or lose, there is always a way to get better. Nobody is perfect, but why not get as close to perfect as you can?
2KW: Do you have a favorite NBA 2K YouTuber or influencer?

My Favorite 2K Youtuber/Influencer has to be Choc. Through all of the adversity and struggles, he continues to spread nothing but good vibes and helps out people close to him, no matter if they ask for it or not.

2KW: What type of traits do you look for in a teammate and team?

The main trait that I look for in a team and teammates is people who aren’t afraid to tell me “Hey Rondo you need to get better” or “Rondo you need to do more of this or more of that.” Basically, teammates who want to win a championship.

2KW: What are you looking forward to most if you get drafted?

What I look most to when I get drafted is the experience and the knowledge that I’ll gain from being around and playing with other talented players. I am excited to learn from them, not just knowledge and wisdom for 2K; but, also for life as well.

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