NBA 2KW x Players’ Lounge to Host NBA 2K24 $1000 Tournament on Friday, May 24

Want to make some cash playing NBA 2K24? We’ve teamed up with our partners over at Players’ Lounge to host a $1000 NBA 2K24 Tournament. There’s still time to join the tournament and spots available.

Check out the full details below!

NBA 2K24 Tournament Rules & Details

  • Tournament starts Friday May 24, 2024 at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT
  • Game: NBA 2K24
  • Console: Next-Gen, Cross-play
  • Teams: Current NBA Teams
  • Game Type: 1v1
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • Quarter Length: 5 Minutes
  • Players Required: 16 – 64
  • The bracket will be auto-generated once the tournament start

For the full tournament rules and to join up, click here.

About Players’ Lounge

Players’ Lounge is a community of gamers competing in skill-based head-to-head competitions and tournaments for cash prizes. Their mission is to give all gamers the opportunity to earn money from esports, not just professionals or streamers. With over $200 Million Dollars in prizes awarded and over 1 million players, it’s clear Players’ Lounge is the leader in the space and the best esports platform to play NBA 2K for money!

Sign up for PL+ with $10,000s in free tournaments to play in every month, here.

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